Rubies: The High Heart Keys - Guest Post By Lexy Olivia

Today on the blog we have a guest post by one of my very best friends + humans: Lexy Olivia. If you guys listen to the Conversations with Moon Body Soul podcast, then you surely know Lexy. (She was a guest for episode 8 + it is one of the most listened to / controversial episodes because we laughed too hard + too long for some people...) When it comes to rocks + minerals, there are few people I feel are as tapped into their energy as Lexy. Actually, when it comes to most earthly things I feel this way. We joke that Lexy is from another planet, an alien to this world, and I think that is how she sees it all so differently. Below is her story of how she helped us manifest the latest Rubies and how their energy speaks to her... 


High Heart Keys and Getting Stung by Jellyfish 

I had rubies on my brain. 

Kaitee had released a collection of necklaces with For The Love of Violet with delicate, bright pink rubies that I couldn’t get out of my head. 

How did they grow in perfect hexagons? (Molecular compounds and science, that’s how!) 

They’d sold out but I couldn’t stop thinking about them... something about the 6 sided pristine edges that caught my attention. 

She was headed off to a gem show and I knew she’d find me the perfect one. The night before she left I had a vision that was so strong it woke me up and I sat straight up in bed. This ruby came to me and fit into a perfect hexagonal key hole in my chest. It spun wildly almost like an electric fidget spinner. It was flinging off light and making a fast whirring sound. It unlocked a place in my heart that immediately shot up into my brain and my mind was aglow like a supercharged lighthouse. 

I told her about this vision, but what did it mean? I said that rubies were the keys to the high hearts, but what was the high heart? 

She went shopping the next day and I was hungry to find the perfect piece. The first one she came upon wasn’t quite right. The color and texture was off from what I saw in the vision. Being the unconditionally loving and obsessively detailed friend she is, she kept scouring. Eventually, in the most synchronistic way, she found them. These perfect waifs of bright pink. 

I was elated. I couldn’t wait to get them and uncover the mysteries I knew the geometry was keeping for me. 

We met up in Arkansas for her crystal mining trip and she brought an entire bag full of rubies. I was out of control; a ruby gremlin possessed. They were all I could think about. I wanted to eat them. I ended up taking 6 home with me total to study. One for each side. I told her it was case research. I saw the shape all over the place. The tiles leading up to the house were all ruby shaped, the coasters I had at home. It was a synchronistic mystery I was bound to unfold. 

Several months later I’m on my way to Mexico and I’m having horrible cramps on the plane and I’m doubled over. I bring out my biggest ruby and place it over my womb center. It turns fire hot and the pain evaporates, when I take it out later, it had snapped in half. I was devastated. It was my favorite stone, but it served me well. I was enjoying the warm waters of Mexico after a harsh start to winter. I’d gone to a Dr Joe Dispenza meditation workshop and it was a bitch to get there. Flights canceled, bleeding for 14 days - I was feeling rugged. I stepped into the water waist deep and turned around to look at this beautiful life I had created when something gently caressed my leg and wrapped around me like stinging, living seaweed, I ran out of the water to check my legs and I’d been stung by a jellyfish! I tried hard to translate what happened in Spanish to the lifeguard, but it was a real challenge. I kept trying to ask if they had jellyfish, but I didn’t know the word in Spanish (it’s Medusa by the way ;). I walked to the front desk to ask someone if they knew. She said, of course we have jellyfish, but definitely not this time of year! 

A rough start to this trip indeed. 

Sessions started and we’d sit in these incredible lectures for hours. He kept talking about the pineal gland and on the third day we started looking at brain slices of the gland and the cells it’s made up of. 

click to read research on pineal gland hexagon crystals

When the images came up on the screen, my jaw dropped open. It was a  bunch of hexagons stacked on top of each other! That’s exactly what lit up like a buzzing beacon in my brain when the ruby unlocked my heart center. After all, what are we if our hearts and our minds are not working together coherently? 

You can overcome your mind with your heart. The pineal gland is the radio transducer sending a signal out into the world that shapes the energy we live by and interact with - it’s our third eye. What good is life if we’re not creating from love? 

Rubies taught me that our hearts and minds must create together in unison, and in love. Love is the highest vibrational frequency we can experience as humans and it is innate in all of us. As surely as you are born, you will know love in some capacity. But it’s nothing to cerebrally know love. You have to feel love, and you can only feel love by raising your energy and raising your frequency. How do we do that? By practicing. By not allowing our bodies to dictate us,  by using our minds to settle into the vast interconnectedness of being. 

He kept mentioning that the molecules, these perfect ruby shaped cells, that make up the pineal gland are piezoelectric. You know what else has piezoelectricity? Electric eels, and jellyfish. 

Mexico shocked me with jellyfish medicine and jump-started this total immersion and complex woven tapestry of understanding that you think with your heart. In doing so, you link up with this vast, infinite knowingness that connects you to everything. Even in your darkest moments, you’re never alone. There’s a replenishing well of unconditional love as the backdrop to our animated lives, it’s what we come from, and it’s what we return to when we go. 

These shapes, although sometimes imperfect, still retain their energetic intentions. Some of my favorite rubies are shards where most of the sides have broken off because my mind can fill in the shape. It’s a ghost of a ruby, still waiting for you to unlock the chalice that is the marriage between the head and the heart. 



You can find Lexy on instagram:

 @lexyolivia and @fractalgems 

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