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How To Create An Intention Candle

For this New Moon in Sagittarius, I wanted to include a fun ritual that would involve fire, as this is a fire sign. What better way than a candle for your altar with your intention on it?  What you will need: a white pillar candle  sharpies or markers  tissue paper  wax paper  heat gun or blow dryer  tape  scissors   Decide your intention & design  This may be the most important step in the process. Sit with yourself in meditation or grab your journal if free writing is your thing. Ask yourself, is there something you are trying to cultivate right now? Is there a limiting belief you want to break free from? Is there something you are trying to embody? Maybe it's...

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How To Host A New Moon Circle

Ancient New Moon Rituals & A Guide To Creating Your Own Gathering If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve noticed a huge surge in women’s gatherings in recent years, and many specifically on the New or Full Moon. Three years ago when we started hosting New Moon Circles, there were only a handful of public ones happening in LA. Now there are a number of events to choose from every lunar cycle, and even more women gathering in intimate settings at home. We’re in the midst of a modern “Moon culture”, and it is humbling and very exciting to be a part of. Even better though, the more we all continue to gather in community and hold space for real...

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