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Hematite hand
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Botryoidal Hematite

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Hematite is a form of Iron oxide mineral & said to be an extremely grounding stone. While most rocks & stones have a specific gravity of about 2.5-3, Hematite actually has a specific gravity of 5.3, making it an extremely heavy stone for its size. Because of this it is said to help you ground into your body & the earth. It is also thought to help you manifest by bring your intentions down into the material world. It is associated with healing the Root chakra & is thought to help get your blood moving. It is called Botryoidal Hematite (meaning grape-like) when it forms these beautiful bubbly formations. This type of Hematite is found in Morocco. This is in its completely raw state from the earth in Morocco. Each piece is incredibly unique measuring ~2+ inches but varying in shape, & they weigh an average of 5 oz.

If you do have a preference (see all of the different photos) please describe what kind you would like in the order notes and I will do my best! *Photos shown are examples of the variety of hematite in stock. May not get exactly what is pictured, I will intuitively pick one for you if you do not mention a preference in your order note.

*Information provided about crystals are for information purposes only & is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please speak with a medical professional if you have a medical issue, need medical treatment, or need medical advice.

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