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Crystalized Mangano Calcite K
Crystalized Mangano Calcite K
Crystalized Mangano Calcite K

Crystalized Mangano Calcite K

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Mangano Calcite is a form of calcite with super high levels of magnesium, giving it the gorgeous pink color. It is a super soft stone with a hardness of 3. In folklore is it seen as the "stone of love", giving it a nice pink color when the one carrying it is in love, and fading shall the lovers fall out of love. It is said to help one analyze & illuminate changes that need to be made in one's life, but with a loving heart and a loving mind. 

These particular minerals are from the earth in Bolivia, in their completely natural state, in their fullest form! This piece weighs 5oz nd it measures about 3 x 2 x 1.5 inches.

The backside has the most beautiful iridescent glow and scale like formation. 

*They are also UV reactive and glow neon pink under ultraviolet light! 

**These are soft mineral, please do not get them wet, & be cautious of contact with other minerals as they can be easily broken. :) take great care of them.  We will do our absolute best to wrap it with care, but note that some small pieces may crumble in shipment. 

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