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Organic Cypress Smoke Bundle

Organic Cypress Smoke Bundle

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Italian Cypress is a beautiful tree that many believe to have purification properties when burned. It has a very woodsy scent and some energy healers say it invokes calming & grounding energies, also thought to help with lucid dreaming & psychic abilities. 

 These special bundles were dried and hand-wrapped with cotton cord by yours truly. This cypress tree has been growing outside of our home for decades but due to fire hazard and its size it had to be cut down. I was able to save a big brand of it to make these special bundles. 

We have a very limited quantity available. Please choose from small or large ( about 6 inches vs 12 inches but as they were hand wrapped they are not exact) Dried pieces of cypress may crumble during shipment or handling, this is normal as it is a fragile dried product! 

Be sure to burn with care - have a dish present to catch any falling embers and do not leave burning unattended.