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Flower Power Scarf - Ready to Ship

Flower Power Scarf - Ready to Ship

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I find so much joy and comfort in dying these amazing silks with the plants. 

This scarf was botanically dyed with all of the gorgeous flowers shown in the photos -carnations, roses and some dried marigolds. I am calling it the flower power slip.Some believe the energy of the plant matter is infused into the silk. I just couldn't wait for my dye garden so I headed to a local florist for this one.

This is a one of a kind ready to ship piece of wearable art or use for your altar! 

The details and care: The 100% silk is known as Charmeuse Silk, from the French word for female charmer, is a lightweight fabric woven with a satin weave, in which the warp threads cross over four or more of the backing threads. These float threads give the front of the fabric a smooth, shiny finish, whereas the back has a dull finish. I personally washed + pretreated each one carefully to help it be colorfast in cold water. I suggest hand washing or gentle cycle with cold water with a pH neutral soap for the longevity of the color and silk. It can also be steamed or ironed on the lowest setting, or a silk setting if your iron has that option, iron on duller side is best.

Size: This scarf measures 8 x 54 inches making it the perfect size to wrap around your neck, use as a runner on your altar or small table, or wrap around twice as a head scar etc. 

Color: This is completely natural color from the flowers. It made fade over time. Actual color may vary from the images and video shown. I tried my best to capture but every monitor or mobile display has a different capability to display colors! 

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