Hand-mined California Pink Halite -Small Bag
Hand-mined California Pink Halite -Small Bag
Hand-mined California Pink Halite -Small Bag

Hand-mined California Pink Halite -Small Bag

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My best friend & I spent the first weekend in October 2018 digging up these California Pink Halite pieces up from the briney pools of the desert, read all abut it here.

Pink Halite is a sodium chloride crystal that is very soft, with a hardness of 2 (compared to that of Quartz which is a hardness of 7). It formed due to the evaporation of sea water & is in pink in color due to the special minerals & impurities from seaweed of the specific location. These are from an evaporated lake in California. 

Pink Halite is thought to cleanse the heart chakra (energy center), & help one overcome past emotional traumas by opening the heart & connecting one with the loving source of the Universe. Its affects are thought to be similar to Rose Quartz but on a stronger level of cleansing the body. It has a very calming affect on the body & has uplifting energy. Said to be a stone great for empaths. 

I have read to not place halite on the belly during pregnancy. 

These are small bags with about 5oz of pink halite crystals, dust and chips. They vary in size + in colors of pink and white. Would be great on display in a bowl, to cleanse things placed on them, or if you'd like you can add a small amount to your bath water (it will dissolve.) 1 whole bag shown in our Flower of Life Offering Bowl for size. 

*Halite is a super soft stone! DO NOT GET THIS STONE WET - unless you want it to dissolve - If you live in a very humid climate it is suggested to store it somewhere dry maybe even with a silica packet to help absorb moisture. Do not leave in direct sunlight as it can cause the beautiful pink color to fade over time. 

Information provided about crystals are for information purposes only & is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please speak with a medical professional if you have a medical issue, need medical treatment, or need medical advice.