Moon Ball
Moon Ball
The Moon Ball

Moon Ball

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The Moon Ball is a completely natural fizzy bath bomb that promotes relaxation & detoxification. Unlike other bath bombs, we only use the best stuff Mother Nature has to offer with no fillers, dyes or synthetic fragrances! Our sodium bicarbonate is made from natural deposits and is extracted by a simple water process that uses no chemicals. Our Citric Acid is 100% pure & natural with no use of GMOs. We also add Organic Coconut Oil for super hydrating power, as well as 100% Vitamin E Oil. Our signature Moon Scent is infused with 100% Vanilla Absolute Essential Oil & 100% Lavender Essential Oil for a calming & meditative bath experience that will take you to the Moon.

Natural Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), Organic Citric Acid, Organic Coconut Oil, 100% Vitamin E Oil, 100% Pure Lavender Oil, 100% Pure Absolute Vanilla Oil, & Love... ☽* For extra magic, use on the New and Full Moon.


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