Natural Raw Ruby
Natural Raw Ruby
Natural Raw Ruby
Natural Raw Ruby
Natural Raw Ruby
Natural Raw Ruby
Natural Raw Ruby

Natural Raw Ruby

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Raw Ruby is a gemstone believed to open up your heart, associated with loving energy, and thought to activate the kundalini energy. Ruby is the red variety of the mineral CorundumI. It is also the birthstone for the month of July. When under UV light it glows BRIGHT hot pink. (See last photo.) To read more about the energetics of this heart key stone - please read out latest blog post by guest lexy olivia here. 

They are in their natural, beautiful form, straight from the earth in Mozambique. They have not been cut nor polished, purchased at a show in the United States, directly from the man that pulled them out of the earth, dirt and all! 

They are photographed A - T, please see both photos for front and back, individual photos are of A and L, the larger and smaller of the bunch! They are priced by weight + quality. See below for more info on each one, many have record keepers - a natural formed triangle that is believed to house information. Golden Flecks that appear on some I believe are pyrite or a similar mineral. 

They range from .75inch - 2 inches.

Weight in grams + specific notes: 

a - 39.5g has a prominent record keeper 

b - 14.4g incredibly rich color 

c - 25.3g lattice etchings on surface 

d - 17.2g large prominent record keeper

e - 22.1g record keeper 

f - 11.1g almost full shape, interesting etchings 

g - 15.9g partial prominent raised + not raised record keepers, purple tones

h - 13.6g partial prominent raised record keeper, deep color, lattice side 

i - 15.8g deep color, lattice lines 

j - 8.2g deep pure color 

k - 8.8g interesting etchings, gold fleck, subtle record keepers 

l - 4.4g best color 

m - 45.9g heaviest, thickest, large raised partial record keeper, gold flecks 

n - 25.9g almost perfect shape, one side smooth, one size textured gold

o - 13g has a gorgeous orange tone on the edge

p - 6.9g several subtle record keepers, like a pattern 

q - 13.9g great shape, one side is very rough and more white 

r - 21.7g good shape, rougher sides light color 

s - 11.9g light color with some etchings, slight orange on edge 

t - 14g gorgeous color, purples mixed in, thick, gemmy, interesting lines

*Information provided about crystals are for information purposes only & is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please speak with a medical professional if you have a medical issue, need medical treatment, or need medical advice.