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Raw Fibrous Malachite - B

Raw Fibrous Malachite - B

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 Malachite is a carbonate mineral of copper, which as you probably know is great at conducting energy. Malachite has been used by ancient cultures as a very transformative stone including the Ancient Egyptians, who used the power of malachite to effect great change within their physical bodies, believing it helped to heal at the cellular level. They used it in jewelry & carved ornaments out of it. With its green colors, It is associated with the heart chakra (energy center) in the body but also said to help cleanse and clear all chakras. It is thought that the more bullseyes a piece has  the more powerful it can be energetically.  

This particular piece is from the earth in South Africa & is left completely raw in its fibrous natural state. It weighs 11oz and measures about 3.5 x 3 x 3 inches.

**Do not get this stone wet, Malachite is primarily made up of Copper and can become toxic if you soak in it, make a gem elixir or handle it wet. It is perfectly safe to be handled dry.