Raw Honey Optical Calcite - C
Raw Honey Optical Calcite - C

Raw Honey Optical Calcite - C

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Optical Calcite, also known as Iceland spar, is a calcium carbonate. It is rather unique among the calcites. It contains no impurities, so it’s nearly colorless and transparent to both visible and ultraviolet light. Originally found in Iceland that is where it got its name. It has been used for centuries, even used by the Vikings who called Iceland spar a ‘sunstone’ because the polarizing effect can be used to find the direction of the sun even in dense fog and overcast conditions. 

Energetically it is said to help cleanse & provide clarity to those who work & meditate with it. It activates the upper chakras (energy centers) of the body & sometimes referred to as the stone of the mind - thought to help one to analyze, improves memory & helps with learning.

These particular pieces of Optical Calcite are from the earth in Xianghualing China. It was left completely raw, grew just like this -  weighs 4.2 oz and measures about 2.75 at its longest (diagonally) , just over 1 inch thick.  I love this one because it appears more honey on one side and more clear on the other. It also has wonderful clarity. 

**This is a soft stone it should not be added to the bath or get wet. It can be easily scratched by other harder stones. Handle with care :)