Small Selenite Rods
Small Selenite Rods

Small Selenite Rods

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Selenite is named after the Greek goddess of the Moon, Selene. It has a mesmerizing soft pearlescent glow, similar to Moonlight & is said to offer many healing properties. This soothing stone is thought to relieve anxiety, calm nerves & is associated with healing the higher chakras, such as the Third Eye & Crown Chakra at top of the head. It is said to cleanse any blockages & allows for deeper meditation. When you place items on top of selenite, it is said to cleanse them of negative energy, protect & charge them. The Moon Glow Selenite Rulers are the perfect size to charge up your crystal points, raw stones, rings & more! Also great for placing your favorite face oil or beauty product on.

These are completely raw from the earth in Morocco, where they were just cut into this small rod shape. Each mini rod is unique in its own way but about 3 inches in length. Perfect for adding to your altar, throwing into a bowl with your stones to cleanse, or hold two in your hands during meditation. 

As this is a softer stone we do not recommend getting it wet, submerging it in water or keeping it damp for long periods of time. These rods can flake off small sharp pieces so handle with care. 


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