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Tibetan Himalayan Quartz - A

Tibetan Himalayan Quartz - A

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Himalayan Quartz are some of clearest quartz on the planet due to the high altitude from which they grow. These crystals are viewed as the eyes of God in the area. I have read that they have been used there for healing, cleansing, meditation, spiritual development, compassion building and many rituals as they are believed to have absorbed the wisdom energy of the Buddha. They are extremely rare and are mined by hand without machines. 

These special Himalayan Quartz are from the region of Tibet and were collected by hand by the nicest brothers back in 1994. They hold a very special energy and have been cared for dearly before they decided to let them go. 

This crystal weighs 1lb  and measures about 5.5 inches long - It has incredible clarity and carbon inclusions. I love its key where my thumb seems to fit perfectly. Very hard to let go of.