Zambia Citrine
Zambia Citrine
Zambia Citrine
Zambia Citrine
Zambia Citrine
Zambia Citrine
Zambia Citrine
Zambia Citrine

Zambia Citrine

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These gorgeous completely natural citrine points come straight from the earth in Zambia. They are a very rare stone & am I am so lucky to have had the chance to hold them all. 

Citrine is a beautiful yellow crystal in the quartz family and is thought to carry the energy of the Sun. It is sometimes called "the merchant's stone" or "shop keepers stone" as it is said to bring good fortune & abundance for businesses. It is one of the only 2 crystals in the mineral kingdom that is thought to not need cleansing as it does not collect any energy. This stone is primarily associated with the solar plexus chakra (energy center in the body) & is thought to be useful for balancing yin-yang energy + helping one access their personal power. 

Your purchase directly supports the Zambia Women's collective mine. These crystals are completely natural, straight from the earth & haven not been cut nor polished, because of this they show natural imperfections & texture. Some have iron (red dirt) on them, may not be able to remove with just soap and water - could use iron out if you'd like to try to remove it. 

See notes, several are double terminated, meaning that they are naturally pointed at both ends. It is said to act like a battery when it grows in this formation, helping energy loop through it.

I have labeled them A - P, (top to bottom, left to right) please make a selection from the drop down. Each one is completely unique in its own way - they are 100% natural have not been cut nor polished, they may have small nicks & scratches, each one is priced based on its quality & size. They range in length but average 2.5 inches.

Notes + Weight for each one:

A- 56g - 3 points, super unique formation. see photos

B- 60g - double terminated w/ large main face + 3 points on bottom

C-  40g - double terminated with keys

D- 18g - double terminated with different direction main faces

E- 44g - double terminated with key on bottom face 

F- 28g - double terminated with generator on one side

G- 24g - twin points 

H- 30g - double terminated + key on the side

I- 16g three almost equal faces 

J- 24g rich color, double terminated, iron may not come off

K- 16g - rainbows galore on  base + flat tabby like growth

L- 14g - double terminated + key almost entire back side

M- 10g - double terminated + shovel / spade quartz formation 

N- 10g - long beautiful light yellow color

O- 12g - almost twin with a baby crystal growing on back side

p- 12g - long beautiful light yellow color 


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