Bathtub Bucket List: Joshua Tree Edition

Bathtub Bucket List: Joshua Tree Edition

Do you ever dream of traveling to find the most incredible & perfect bathtubs to bathe in, or is it seriously just me? If you were to check my screenshot album on my phone, my AirBnB app, Instagram, Pinterest boards, etc. you would find literally hundreds of photos of beautiful tubs, usually with killer views or insane decor, that I hope to one day have the blessing of bathing in. This idea of a Bathtub Bucket List has been brewing in my brain for quite some time, and my list has grown rather long over the years. My goal is to find the most incredible bathtubs available to bathe in, either while traveling the globe or right here in my city of Los Angeles. I dream of trying them all out for myself and then sharing them with all of you. I am so excited to finally start checking off tubs on the list & this first one is beyond magical.

Welcome to Cabin Cabin Cabin, one of the most picturesque little dessert homes in all of Joshua Tree. The bright orange claw foot tub sits behind the house in a private backyard, with outdoor chairs close by & hammock hanging in the distance. From Los Angeles, Cabin Cabin Cabin is just about a 2-3 hour drive depending on the time of day with traffic. We unfortunately chose Coachella weekend to visit, so it took us nearly 4 hours, but the drive was totally worth it. We arrived just before sunset to find the most beautiful glow surrounding the tub. I instantly filled it up, threw in a High Moon Ball & hopped right in.

The night bath was everything I could have imagined. Underneath a New Moon sky, I turned off all of the outdoor lights & was able to star gaze while I bathed. My boyfriend came out to keep me company for bit, sitting in one of the nearby patio chairs. But, I actually ended up staying in the tub for almost two hours! (I am a perpetual drainer & filler back up with hot water kind of bather) Afterwards rinsing off in the large indoor shower was amazing. It has a sky light right above it & they even had it stocked it with organic shampoo, conditioner & body wash. Every single detail of  this house was just perfect for my liking.

The next morning I woke up around 8am, to again find a beautiful glow around this magical tub. I took my time waking up, making tea & stretching that I didn't get into the tub until closer to 9. By this time the sun had started to rise over the wall & fill the back of the tub. I ended up getting rather hot in the direct sunlight and did a little switcheroo, so I could sit in the shadow & read bit longer. But if you are trying to get a tan & a bath in at the same time (true sunbathing) totally get in the tub past 9, if not, schedule in an early morning bath instead.


We absolutely loved our stay in Cabin Cabin Cabin. Not only is the place super adorable, but it's also very close to town & the Joshua Tree National Park is just a 10 min drive away. I also suggest taking a drive over to Moon Wind Trading Co., a darling desert boutique, where you can stock up on our bath products while you're there! :)

To book a stay at Cabin Cabin Cabin head to their airbnb page here & stay up to date by following their Instagram.


Do you have any bathtubs in mind that we should add to our list? Let us know in the comments!

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