About Moon Body Soul

Moon Body Soul is an all natural bath company promoting self love through self-care. Our completely natural line is inspired by the magical healing energy of The Moon. We are dedicated to using only the highest quality of ingredients Mother Nature has to offer in all of our handmade Moon Dust bath soaks & Soul Scrubs. If it doesn’t come from the Earth, you will not find it in our products! This means no “safe” synthetics, no chemicals disguised as fragrances, no dyes & no preservatives. Because of this, our products do have a shorter shelf life. We do not suggest saving them for a special occasion; everyday is a special occasion to show yourself some love!

Why do we suggest bathing on the New & Full Moon? The New Moon often symbolizes new beginnings and is thought to be the best time to detoxify, cleanse & set new intentions for the month ahead, while the Full Moon is a great time to reflect & relax as our healing potential is at its peak. What better place to do that than the bath tub?


Regardless of the Moon phases, self-care & taking time to slow down to reflect is often disregarded in our busy culture. We want to spread the message that self-care isn’t selfish; if anything it is selfless! By creating a cleansing ritual & making it a priority to care for ourselves, we can have the capacity & energy to care for our loved ones more fully. This promotes a beautiful ripple effect, spreading natural healing energy with each use! In addition, each purchase also helps us support WaterAid, an organization devoted to providing clean water to everyone in the world by the year 2030!