About Moon Body Soul

kaitee tyner

Goods to live life more naturally, 

under the moon, in all of her phases…

Hi, my name is Kaitee. I founded Moon Body Soul in 2016 after an autoimmune disease diagnosis, Hashimotos thyroiditis. That is the year I found out what I was putting on and into my body was more important than I ever realized. The bathtub was always a healing place for me but what if the products I was using were not helping my body? It started as a quest to make the most natural bath bomb ever, made only with ingredients that serves a purpose: to nourish your body. No synthetics, fragrances, fillers, preservatives or binders.


All Natural Bath + Body Products 

It took me a year to finally land my recipe and then another couple of years to realize I did not want to sell a product that included single use plastic packing. So the Moon Ball bath bomb was retired and I focused on our Moon Dust bath soak line instead, with all of the same intentional ingredients + magnesium sulfate epsom salts and floral toppings, in compostable packaging! I added in natural body scrubs as well for the shower lovers looking to soften their skin and along the way our Moon Body Balm was born. It became the most loved, best selling products with 50+ unsolicited 5 star reviews and counting.

Ethical Crystals + Mining Our Own Gems

In 2017 I had the urge to visit the world famous Tucson Gem show and when I called my mom to tell her I was thinking of adding crystals & minerals to my offerings she laughed and reminded me of a story from when I was 5 or 6 years old. She received a call at work from someone in town letting her know her daughter was selling rocks on her front lawn for 50 cents a piece. She said maybe this was my calling to share minerals and rocks after being so passionate to sell my favorite sparkly quartz from the railroad tracks I found behind our house. Now, I enjoy taking trips to rock hound and mine crystals and I hosted the first ever Mining Retreat in 2019 where I brought 16 women to Arkansas to mine clear quartz crystals, practice yoga and reconnect to our earth and each other.

Healing Retreats + Moon Circles 

Leading that retreat empowered me to continue my passion for teaching yoga, having taught for 10+ years. I want to host more events for women to come together and back to themselves. Each New Moon is an opportunity to hold a circle and share with one another, you can find our latest circle info here. I also hold wellness retreats up in the Santa Cruz mountains and hope to offer more ways to connect in the future. I currently have recorded meditation practices available here, but having the opportunity to guide in person is my favorite.

The Podcast

In 2019 I launched Conversations with Moon Body Soul podcast where I had some of my best friends and special guest join to me & share in topics across holistic wellness. After a 3 year hiatus with the pandemic and life I am just now bringing it back!

Handcrafted Home Goods & Apparel

In 2022 I decided it was time to workout my creative muscles again and learned how to tuft rugs with cotton and wool. And my love of flowers sparked my interest in botanical dyeing and flower printing clothing and accessories . I am currently planting a huge flower dye garden and can’t wait to see what else it inspires!


Like a crystal, my life, passions and company have many facets. I hope Moon Body Soul is a place where you can feel at home to dive into a more natural way of living. It delights me to think that while using our holistic self-care products, you connect back to your highest self and ground yourself back to the earth, using her gifts to support you, all the while the beautiful moon inspired it all...