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How To Make Organic Rose Syrup

Rose is absolutely one of my favorite flowers + flavors! The scent alone can open my heart and calm my nerves. It truly is a love potion, known for being an aphrodisiac & said to help balance hormones. Roses are also an excellent source of Vitamin C. Whenever I have the opportunity to order a Rose Latte at a fancy cafe you know I do! But why not treat yourself to Rose flovered anything right at home? The only ingredients you need: organic roses, sugar and water. Here are the step by step details to make your own organic rose syrup to add to all of your favorite beverages + more.  Of course you need Rose Petals - When consuming Roses make sure...

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Meet Our November Artist: Seek.Love.Keep

This month you will see the lovely artwork by Geney of Seek.Love.Keep gracing our journals, our tissue paper and our thank you cards! I am a huge fan of her work, I love her feminine energy, the colors and designs she creates. It was such a joy to work with Geney this month and hope you enjoy learning more about the artist behind the artwork below... Where did you grow up and where do you currently live? I grew up in Sydney, Australia and I am still here. I have travelled a little – and had spent time living in London and Miami when I was younger. Though, there is no place like home, I love Sydney. Are you a...

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Meet Our October Artist: Amanda Marino!

October was made even more magical with the help of Amanda C. Marino's work gracing our orders and our pocket journals. To learn more about the artist behind the artwork, please read our interview with Amanda below. So honored to be sharing her incredible paintings and creations. I also just ordered my Moon sticker on her website! Get yours here.  How long have you been creating and sharing your work? I started sharing my work back in 2018, but have been creating since I was much younger. I remember drawing "different worlds" during 3rd grade math, and getting in a lot of trouble for it.  What is your biggest source of inspiration for your art?  My biggest inspiration is the night sky. She...

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Meet Our September Artist: Kay Rey Art

This month our orders were made more beautiful by Kayla Reynolds, the artist behind Kay Rey Art! During this process of collaborating together, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Kayla better and have become fast friends. I obviously love her art + style and am honored to have her work on our order packaging and our free Pocket Journals this month. See below to get to know the artist behind the awesome artwork ...  How long have you been creating and sharing your work? I have been creating for as long as I can remember, started sharing my work about 3 years ago  What is your biggest source of inspiration for your art?  Music is my fuel, I find...

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Meet Our August Artist: Sage Glow Designs

I first met Brittany via Instagram a few years ago and have loved following her journey and everything she shares. When I realized she also created gorgeous art & design I was so excited to collaborate with her. You will find her artwork on all of our order packaging this month and our pocket journal. Get to know Brittany better below!  How long have you been creating and sharing your work? I feel like I’ve been creating almost my entire life. As an only child, I really exercised imagination and creativity when I was younger and that just evolved from sharing art on my parent’s fridge! I always loved drawing, painting and music but struggled to determine if and how...

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