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A Blue Moon is the name for two Full Moons taking place in one calendar month. This a rare occurrence taking place on March. 31st, & the next one isn't until October of 2020!

The Moon will not be blue in color, but we can still work with the energetic blue energy. The ritual below is designed to help you cleanse and clear energy in your body, specifically connected to your voice & throat. It is ideal if you can incorporate a bath but not absolutely necessary, as most of these steps you can take to the shower as well.


Clean your bathroom of any clutter & distractions. If you have a relaxing playlist of soft music, turn it on while you set up your space. If you can, dim the lights or just use candlelight. Gather all of your sacred items & important things you may need so you don’t have to leave your space. This may include crystals, palo santo or sage, tarot or angel cards, and don’t forget a note book. I also suggest having a glass of water or tea available to help soothe your throat as well.  My favorite crystals to incorporate for a grounding practice include Black Tourmaline & Smokey Quartz. With Smokey Quartz, I like to not only have it with me in the bath but sometimes add it directly to my bath water. Be careful if you have raw Black Tourmaline as some pieces are more fragile & should stay dry. This also goes for crystals like Selenite as water will disintegrate this beautiful stone. If you have any blue crystals, such as Celestite or Aquamarine, this will be great for clearing & cleansing the throat chakra.


Use your palo santo or sage to cleanse your space. If you’re using palo santo, light the tip and let the flame dance for 30 seconds before blowing it out to really get the wood burning. If you have a feather or even a book, you can use it to direct the smoke. I like to cleanse my crystals and notebook with this smoke as well.


As you begin to fill your water, set an intention or a Sankalpa, the Sanskrit word for an intention formed by the heart & mind. Use an “I am” statement. Typically you are stating the opposite of a negative thought pattern or unhealthy mindset you are normally finding yourself in.  For the purpose of this ritual, some examples you could use, I am letting go of what is not meant for me. I am releasing. I am healing. If one of these is not resonating with you, shut your eyes, take a deep breath and ask yourself what do you want to feel. I am ___________.



As you climb into your tub, see yourself becoming one with the water. Tune into your feeling state. Take in the sounds and smells around you. Feel the water make contact with your skin. If you’re using one of our Blue Moon bath products, stare into the blue water and tap into what blue feels like to you. You can also stare into a blue crystal, blue candle, etc.  Blue is said to be a very calming color, let this color wash over your entire body. Visualize even your breath turning blue with each inhale and exhale. If visualizing comes easy to you, see if you can change to different hues of dark deep blue to a lighter almost white blue. 


As I mentioned, this Lunar Eclipse is happening in Leo, the lion constellation. Lions are known as the king of the animal kingdom, not because of their strength and size but because of ferocity & energy their roar exudes. This is a great time to play with your voice and throat chakra. My favorite way to tap into this energy is to OM, and my favorite place to do this is in the bathtub or shower as the acoustics usually allows this powerful sound to vibrate back to you. If you’ve never OM-ed before, just trust that your body knows exactly how to make this noise. Take a deep breath in, fill your deep belly up, open your mouth start with an “ah” sounds then round your mouth into an “O” shape as you hold “OM” for as long as your breath allows. Sit & take in the silence before repeating this OM as many times as you’d like.


Allow yourself to soak up as much of this blue healing energy as possible. If you like writing while in the tub, grab your journal and free write whatever is coming to you. You can reflect on your current experience or ask yourself some questions, such as, where am I holding onto things that are not meant for me? What areas of my life could use some healing? Where am I not letting my truest and highest self show up? Let the rest of the bath be entirely up to you, just enjoy yourself.


Once you have enjoyed your bath to its fullest, prepare to submerge your body completely into the water. Use this exercise as a way to feel completely at one with the flow of water. Let this be a calm & mindful process. Take a full breath in and slowly lower your entire body and head under the water. Only stay for what feels comfortable to you, then slowly emerge out of the water. You can repeat this if you like. When you are complete, drain the water out of your tub and rinse yourself off with a shower. If you have a body scrub available, use this to rid your body of any stagnant or lurking energy. As you rub your entire body, visualize all of the things, ideas, beliefs, relationships, physical things, etc. that you are letting go of. Buff them away. Watch as they move down the drain with the water. Rinse yourself clean with this fresh water and allow yourself to move into this next chapter of your life completely anew.

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