Under the calming magic of this Dark Moon, your New Year’s manifestations will start to take root. This is the first New Moon of this new year, and it falls at 23 degrees Capricorn. It marks the beginning of a fresh cycle that follows the Saturn flavored Great Conjunction in Aquarius between Saturn and Jupiter which took place on December 21st, 2020.

What do you want to accomplish during this sequence?

The cosmos is pulling you towards new paths to move forward towards a different life. The Cardinal energy of this Moon is heavily laced with the theme of planting seeds in preparation for the year. You will need to put in the work to reap your rewards, but if you do the bounty will be plentiful. Setting intentions with the Sea Goat’s purpose of power will lead to amazing results by summertime when the Moon is then full in the same sign. (6 months from now!) 

With this fresh beginning, there is optimism, capability, and prospect. With diligent Capricorn commencing this new year, you can make anything happen with equal parts discipline and hard work. The New Moon provides us a blueprint to the plan, so setting intentions and manifestations now is crucial. Where do you want to go? How do you define success? Where do you want to grow? It is in the darkness of a New Moon where you can let go and dive deeper within yourself to find it is what you truly want.

Capricorn’s power is wise and wielding, and if channeled correctly, can be used to pull wisdom from within to become empowered. Capricorn energy is omnipotent boss energy. It wants to teach, transform, and structure everything it touches. Structure can feel stifling to empaths, but it is necessary to ward the negative elements that deviate us from success. Under this black Moon you will find discipline, focus, selectivity, and patience to figure out what it is to focus on in the upcoming months.

2020 showed us that things can change in an instance, leaving us shaken, anxious, and questioning. We saw the power of Cardinal signs at their worst, but through it all we have come out wiser and carrying new lessons in our bag of tools. Now, the petty matters that used to rule our lives have fallen to the wayside leaving us with what matters most. The transformation of 2020 has gifted us with new perspective on how precious life is. Our reality has become completely reshaped, renewed, and refocused. 

This New Moon is not asking you to look backwards, it is pushing you straight ahead. You are stronger and more focused now than ever before. You now know your weaknesses because you know what you are not. You now know your strengths because you know what you are. If you have felt directionless, this Moon’s medicine is exactly what the cosmos doctor ordered. Every New Moon is always in the same Zodiac sign as the Sun, and because the Sun rules self and the Moon rules emotions, this means that you will feel an incredible alignment between these two areas of your life. This New Moon in Capricorn will be specifically aligning your sense of purpose to lead you down your path of destiny which was always meant for you. Venus also joins the luminaries in Capricorn to form a beautiful trine to Mars in Taurus. The red planet of action and passion will give you the spark you need to ignite the flame, and the planet of love blesses the process with devotion and grace. The universe is encouraging you on to take those first steps. Look into the dark and open yourself up to the hope of what is yet to come.


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Desiree Roby Antila of Simply Sun Signs is a self-taught astrologer who specializes in sun signs and all astrological relationships. She can be found online at or on IG: @simplysunsigns


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