How To Create An Intention Candle

How To Create An Intention Candle

For this New Moon in Sagittarius, I wanted to include a fun ritual that would involve fire, as this is a fire sign. What better way than a candle for your altar with your intention on it? 

What you will need:

a white pillar candle 

sharpies or markers 

tissue paper 

wax paper 

heat gun or blow dryer 



Decide your intention & design 

This may be the most important step in the process. Sit with yourself in meditation or grab your journal if free writing is your thing. Ask yourself, is there something you are trying to cultivate right now? Is there a limiting belief you want to break free from? Is there something you are trying to embody? Maybe it's a mantra you are currently using or another phrase that touches your heart. Decide what words or design you would like for the candle, there really are no rules here, just some suggestions! 

Draw it out on tissue paper & cut 

Use the sharpies or markers to write out your intention or design on the tissue paper. Once you have it, cut it out as close to the edges as you can, if you are wanting to use multiple words or symbols, cut them out separately to have as little white space of the tissue paper as possible. 

Place your design on the candle

Once you have your design resting on the candle, wrap wax paper around it and add a piece of tape to hold it tight. I suggest starting small with a tiny symbol or word to test it!

Apply heat

Watch your design through the wax paper as you apply heat with a heat gun, you will notice it begins to look darker in color or as if its stuck to the wax paper. This is a subtle thing, but the moment you notice it turn off the heat.

If you have access to a heat gun I suggest using it over a blow dryer, as I found the blow dryer did not get as hot as I would have liked. But do know, if you over heat the candle, it will have a little texture or melted wax on the sides - so patience is key. :) Below you can see on the sides I heated it up a little too much.

Reveal your design! 

Slowly peel away the wax paper and voilà - you have an intention candle! 

Not only are these great for placing on your altar and using as a ritual, they can also make great gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. 

I hope you enjoyed this project! Please do share with me your candle if you create one. 

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