Meditation Recording - Scorpio New Moon Circle

Meditation Recording - Scorpio New Moon Circle

This past Sunday we celebrated the New Moon in Scorpio with a Women's circle at our favorite LA studio, Love Yoga Space. Although this is just a recording from an iPhone, I thought I would share the Guided Meditation portion of the circle for anyone that would like to listen & practice.

The goal of this meditation is to activate your right brain, get into your body, & tap into your feeling state rather than your analytical mind. It starts with a  small seated movement meditation & breath work, then the option to remain seated or lay down for visualization meditation. As Scorpio is a Water sign, I incorporated a little water visualization as well.

So get into a comfortable position & press play! If you enjoyed this meditation, please let me know! I would love to incorporate more guided meditations for you to listen to, both in & out of the bathtub! But next time I will record it with a high-quality microphone! :)    Xo, Kaitee
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I’ve just moved to a new apartment and between that and a busy work season, I’ve been incredibly stressed. I managed to find some time to listen to this meditation and immediately felt more relaxed even at the start of the recording. I look forward to more in the future!


I’m so happy you enjoyed it!! Will for sure be sharing more soon. ???


I loved this meditation! It was easy to do at home while my infant son napped, and the bit of movement at the beginning helped me to get centred and grounded. Thanks for posting, please share more!


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