Meet Our August Artist: Sage Glow Designs

Meet Our August Artist: Sage Glow Designs

I first met Brittany via Instagram a few years ago and have loved following her journey and everything she shares. When I realized she also created gorgeous art & design I was so excited to collaborate with her. You will find her artwork on all of our order packaging this month and our pocket journal. Get to know Brittany better below! 

How long have you been creating and sharing your work?

I feel like I’ve been creating almost my entire life. As an only child, I really exercised imagination and creativity when I was younger and that just evolved from sharing art on my parent’s fridge! I always loved drawing, painting and music but struggled to determine if and how I would turn my creative interests into a career. During and after college, I worked in marketing at a small business and we had so many design needs that my boss suggested I learn a few of the Adobe programs. I had only a few digital art classes under my belt as a Studio Art minor, so that’s when I began to teach myself digital design and illustration. By the time I quit that job in 2016, I was ready to be a free-lance graphic designer, sharing my work on a broader scale.  That’s how Sage Glow Studio was born!  

What is your biggest source of inspiration for your art? 

The world of wellness, the desert, the moon and stars.

What other styles or mediums of art do you like to create?

Digital art is so wonderful, but nothing can compare to the magic of paper and pencil or paint. I still and always will love the classic mediums.

What dreams do you have for your artwork? 

I dream of helping more and more women achieve their goals by creating the supporting visuals and art to make their businesses soar. 

What advice do you have for someone wanting to pursue being a creative / artist?

 It’s the advice that my college business professor gave me when I wanted to transfer to art school. He said, “If you’re talented, you’re talented. What you need to know is the business part - how to market and sell your art.” For me, that meant pursing a business degree, but that’s not the only path of education. There are so many resources readily available now where you can learn how to set up a business, manage your finances, market and sell effectively, build client relationships and more. And I know that when you’re creative, you might have zero interest in these topics, but it’s worth being at least familiar with them so if you hire or outsource you can tell if the job is being done correctly. 

Where did you grow up and where do you currently live?

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and around age 14 because obsessed with the idea of living in California. All of the wishing and praying finally paid off in 2019 when my husband, our dog Sam and I moved. We even took Route 66 all the way from the beginning at the Art Institute in Chicago to the end at Santa Monica Pier. We now live near Joshua Tree, CA and are in the process of building our first home in the desert! 

If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go? 

Ohh, this is a difficult one - there are so many places on my list but right now I’m craving a warm ocean, great snorkeling, an abundance of fruit and tropical vibes, so let’s go with Hawaii.  

What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

The excitement of building a creative life. Growing up, I knew I wanted to live a non-traditional life, I just didn’t know exactly what that meant. I am so grateful that God has led me to be my own boss, evolve my business however I’m called to, pursue both my design and wellness ventures and have a husband who’s willing to do crazy things too! It’s so cliché, but once you start living outside of your comfort zone and in-line with your purpose, the motivation to see what each day holds will follow. 

I love how much you share self-care practices on your page, what your favorite act of self-care? 

Mindful movement, intuitive eating, celebrating feminine energy and my faith are the pillars of my self-care. So some of my favorite practices are meditation, breathwork, a daily devotional, yoga, blasting 90s pop while dancing and cooking, eating food that brings me joy (anything from a green smoothie to ice cream!), a hormone-nourishing cacao elixir, being in nature and getting lost in a good book.  


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