Meet Our January Artist: Annabel Emery // Hous of Halcyon

Meet Our January Artist: Annabel Emery // Hous of Halcyon

This month Annabel Emery aka Hous of Halcyon took over our packaging with her insanely beautiful artwork.  I am so inspired by her simplistic designs + would love to share more of her story. While I hope one day I can sit down and podcast interview her in person, she is currently based in New Zealand. Read below to learn more about her and her work! 

Where did you grow up and what brought you to New Zealand? 

I grew up in Staffordshire, England and after 6 months of travelling some of Asia and Australia, I moved to Queenstown New Zealand. I have so many crazy travel stories to share - and it certainly wasn't the idyllic journey that you see on instagram! I have a blog on my website where you can read about some of my antics:


How long have you been creating art?

Ever since I could hold a crayon! I've always been into art but it was only in the last 2 years that I began experimenting with art as a business and getting paid to create! Which has been incredible to feel valued for something I enjoy so much.


Are you a full time artist? If not, what else do you do for work?

I WISH! One day my friend. I also work as a stylist and buyer for a preloved designer fashion boutique @thewalkinwardrobeqt


Where do you find inspiration for your artwork?

The world, it's people and their stories. Also in some of the trippy dreams that I have...


How long, on average, does it take you to draw a piece - from idea to final? 

Oooh tough question - it can be anything from an hour to 8 hours. I don't ever sit down to create and finish it in one go. Sometimes I lose my 'mojo' and have to come back to it another day with fresh eyes. Some pieces I began drawing over a year ago and have never gone back to them! Saving it for a rainy day ;)


What other forms of art do you enjoy? 

I love photography and this year I branched out and began collaborating with local photographers, hoping to gain some experience and learn more about the industry. I'm really into film and music, anything visual such as the theatre, dance and of course, fashion. I studied Fashion business at university and since then I've always had jobs circulating the fashion industry - though I am now heavily focused on sustainability.


What advice do you have for someone wanting to pursue being an artist?

Experiment until you find your niche. Mimic other artists and styles until you can fly on your own. My style at the moment is a fusion of many artists that I admire and as I've experimented with different styles, colors and mediums I've begun to develop a more unique style of my own. Secondly, UTILIZE SOCIAL MEDIA. Without instagram I would have no business - be smart and use the tools that you can operate for free in order to grow your audience.


If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go? 

I would love to see my family back in the UK, I miss them so much. But I am extremely lucky and happy to be where I am in New Zealand! Though once the borders open  I am itching to get traveling again! Japan, South Africa, Thailand, Canada, Hawaii... Like Pocahontas, I'll go wherever the wind takes me.


What is your favorite act of self care? 

Singing in the shower. How can you feel anything less than Beyonce when your body is lathered in soap and you're having a naked karaoke sesh?

Thank you to everyone that supported Moon Body Soul this month & helped us support Annabel! 
You can find her on instagram @HousOfHalcyon + @Annabel_Emery
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