Meet Our May Artist: Cat Novak

Meet Our May Artist: Cat Novak

This month our featured Artist is super special, not only because her work is insanely gorgeous but because she is a real life friend! Cat Novak has been a supporter of Moon Body Soul since our inception 5 years ago! You may recognize her name and work from our first thank you cards :)  Scroll down to learn more about the badass that is Cat Novak! 

How long have you been creating art?

Since I could lift a pencil! I was fortunate enough to have teachers that encouraged scribbling.

What styles and mediums are your favorite? 

I mostly work with watercolor & digital (Procreate on a tablet). I enjoy animating watercolors I've created the most and find that those animations receive the best response. Exploring the surreal is possible in any medium making it more interesting! 

I absolutely love your high fashion look to most of your work , what are your biggest inspirations?

Thank you! Anyone who takes an original risk. Other creators. We have so many resources through social media, etc., I feel constantly inspired. It's impossible to start a list. My sisters inspire me to work hard and say "yes" to a challenge. 

You mentioned to me that our journal design with the beautiful dress may be a real dress one day, when can we expect that and how would we purchase it?! 

I ordered fabric samples, stay tuned! You'll be the first to know.

 Is art a side hobby for you or is it your full time gig?

I am a full-time Brand Strategist and Creative Director. I specialize in branding (strategy, architecture, brand platforms, messaging and design) a clients passion or business: be it a product, service, existing business in need of a face-lift, themself, etc! Art is certainly not a hobby - it's an interest and part-time gig I get to when I find a commission (much like this one) feels right.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to pursue being an artist?

Take your work not yourself seriously, take nothing personally, practice religiously. 

Where did you grow up and where do you currently live?

Evanston, IL (just north of Chicago!) and I currently live in New York City. 

If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go? 

Hawaii. I'm vaxxed and have a bag packed.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

My alarm clock.

See more of Cat's work on her website here and be sure to follow her Instagram @CatClaire 

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