Properties Of Rose Quartz & Uses

Properties Of Rose Quartz & Uses

Rose Quartz is named for its soft pink hue and is known as the stone of unconditional & universal love. Its energy is said to help clear the body of ego-driven patterns and negative emotions, while reinstating feelings of harmony and compassion.

Side note: I may say many stones are my favorites, but at the time of writing this, I have 10 pounds of Rose Quartz surrounding my bath tub at home. So Rose Quartz is really up there + we always try to keep it in stock in our online crystal shop.

Before we get into the metaphysical meanings and many uses for Rose Quartz, let's back up and break down the properties + how & where it grows.

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What is Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz is a member of the Quartz family, which is the second most abundant mineral in the earth's crust (behind only Feldspar). Quartz are relatively hard stones composed of silicon and oxygen, and expressed in many varieties through different inclusions.

Rose Quartz, which ranges from pale pink to deep reddish pink, gets its color from small inclusions of Titanium, Iron and Manganese. It usually grows in masses or veins, and rarely in perfect prismatic crystal formations with terminations. Rose Quartz is found all over the world, with the most abundance and quality mined in Brazil, Madagascar, and South Dakota.

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Rose Quartz Meaning & Uses

Rose Quartz is noted as one of the most important heart healing stones of all time. Physiologically, it is believed to improve circulation, which can help strengthen a weak or irregular heart, and even boost kidney and adrenal functionRose Quartz also has cooling properties, and is used to calm sunburns, rashes and bug bites.

There is evidence of Rose Quartz having been worn as a talisman in Mesopotamia as early as 8,000 BC. The Egyptians even left rose Quartz facial masks in their tombs as it was used to maintain youthful beauty and glowing skin. In Tibet and China, Rose Quartz was widely used in carvings, and early American cultures wore it to balance emotions. 

Rose Quartz is a motherly, nurturing stone, and it is said that meditating with it can create an envelope of love that extends through one's self to all beings, the planet and the Universe.

Rose Quartz is believed to dissolve boundaries of isolation and promote a sense of unity, likeness and compassion. Thought to help clear and purify the emotional body, open the heart chakra to promote deep healing and inner peace, and create a lighter, higher frequency in the area it inhabits.

How To Incorporate Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is potent earth medicine, and it's a more affordable stone, so there really is no such thing as overdoing it with this one.

Many energy workers recommended incorporating it in every room in your home to create a cocoon of radiant loving energy. Start with a few big chunks as centerpieces for end tables, and decorate around them with other meaningful items.

I personally have experience using this stone to help with a burn! It is said to help take heat out of the skin, and I saw how it worked first hand when I burned my belly with boiling water. (Don't ask, all I'll say is do not cook pasta in a crop top!). I used a Rose Quartz sphere for this, placed it on my belly with lavender oil and witnessed the Rose Quartz take the heat from my belly & minimize my burn. 

Bring Rose Quartz into your bedroom and let it be a symbol of intimacy, or line your bathtub and set the intention of loving and nurturing yourself more.

Wear Rose Quartz as jewelry, preferably around the heart as a pendant or necklace.

And keep a few small stones handy and gift them as a symbol of friendship or love.

Try it in your skincare routine with a rose facial roller.

And of course bring it into your meditation practice whenever you need the reminder that your true essence is love.

We have some Jelly Rose Quartz Palm Stones available here , and Raw Rose Quartz available here. Let us know if you're looking for other varieties of this gorgeous mineral! 

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