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Is Mica Safe? Why We Don’t Use It In Our Products

As more people are awakening to the harmful effects of dyes and synthetics in personal care products, the need to understand the word "natural" is more important than ever. Specifically, I want to address the word natural being associated with neon colored bath bombs, soaps, make ups, etc. When I first started creating bath products, I spent countless hours researching the various ways to add color, and it was so overwhelming I decided to stay away from it completely. I didn't want to ruin the purity of the product, obviously, and my main goal was to make sure that every ingredient has a tangible benefit to the bather's body.  One of the things I learned through my research: there's no such thing as "natural" when...

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The Truth About "Safe Synthetics"

You may have noticed companies using a plethora of chemicals in their self care products and labeling them as safe synthetics. This gives the consumer the impression that they have been extensively tested and found to be safe. However, this is definitely not the case, and when it comes to chemicals, one cannot definitively say it is 100% safe for human use. Would you believe me if I told you companies can put almost any chemical in a product, put the word natural on the packaging and legally sell it to consumers? I was unpleasantly surprised to find out this is in fact a true story and not a myth.  There is little regulation in the cosmetics and self care...

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