Taking Time For Yourself - A Bath Challenge With Cammie Scott

Taking Time For Yourself - A Bath Challenge With Cammie Scott

Below is an incredible article by one of our favorite women, Cammie Scott. Originally posted on her website In Full Bloom , which features amazing articles around all things travel, food, style, beauty, life & more. To step up her self-care game, Cammie challenged herself to take a bath at least once a week & we are so honored she used Moon Body Soul products to get the job done! Check out her experience with the challenge below and find her on youtube , Twitter & Instagram for daily inspiration & beautiful content.   

Remembering to take time for ourselves can be incredible difficult. Days go by, weeks go by, heck YEARS go by and we look back only to realize we forgot to put ourselves first. Self care is so important for our mind, body, soul and even our ability to be able to take care of others. With a little help from Moon Body Soul, I challenged myself to take a bath, at least once a week, for a month.
Here’s what happened.

For the sake of transparency, I’ll be honest, I was a little annoyed week one. At first I set an hour on Sunday evenings aside for my pamper night. By set aside I mean I told myself I HAD to do it at this time. Come day one, I was swamped with work and taking a bath felt extremely inconvenient, not to mention I was already clean. What the heck is the point? I reluctantly put down my laptop, turned on a calming Spotify playlist, lit candles to set the tranquil mood and bath time was on. Having tons of new bath products to try made this inconvenient bath time a bit more exciting. I took the packet of Moon Dust, yeah I know, how can you not be in love with a product called Moon Dust? Trust me it’s impossible, especially when there are pretty little petals that float on top of the water. I jumped in the bath and even my anxious soul has to admit, this felt pretty awesome. Five minutes in I was slightly bored and already thinking about the work I should be doing. I promised myself to give it 10 more minutes to at least let the Epsom salt work its magic. I stuck to it and in the end was glad I did. Now back to work.

Week two I came a bit more prepared. I worked out my schedule so I was less focused on the work I needed to do and had the entire night off. After preparing the bath I reached for a Moon Ball. It fizzed in the tub just like the bath bombs you know and love, but without all of the fillers, dyes or synthetic fragrances that you don’t love so much. I have to give a few claps to Moon Body Soul for actually creating bath products that are good for you and the environment. This time my mind felt calm and I wasn’t even thinking about how long I had spent in the bath. I did a bit of mediation as I soaked and suddenly, I got a random spark of inspiration. Allowing myself to relax and not focus on work had opened up my mind and I actually ended up having an extremely productive Monday morning the next day using the inspiration that came to me in the bath the night before.

Come week three I began to really look forward to my weekly baths. So much so that I ended up taking a midweek bath just to clear my head so I could focus a bit better. I had assumed that I would end up enjoying this relaxation time, but I did not expect that it would actually up my productivity levels so much! Who knew, taking time off work could actually help during the times you are working! (I think a lot of people know this but hey, sometimes you need to learn it for yourself, right?)

Week four was a particularly busy week for me. I began the week traveling and would end up traveling again come Friday. I decided to take my bath in the morning on an extremely busy Wednesday in order to really test the benefits of my bath time. I planned out my schedule for the day in my head as I was in the bath and although I was anxious to get my work day started, this really aided in staying organized for the rest of the day.

Needless to say I’m pretty much sold on this whole me time thing. I haven’t even mentioned the benefits the bath had on my actual body. I tend to overly shower which can really dry out my hair. By swapping a few showers with baths and therefore not washing my hair as much, I’ve noticed a big change in the condition of my hair. I also fall victim to in grown hairs as most anyone who shaves does. I’ve started to shave my legs post bath after the skin has softened for a bit, which seems to help immensely with those pesky hairs!

I know life can be crazy but taking a bit of time for yourself, whether its reading a book, meditation or taking a bath, is crucial to living a complete life. What do you do to unwind? Leave a comment below and let me know!


(end note: all I can think about while writing this post is the episode of Parks & Rec where Donna and Tom spend the whole day saying “Treat yo self!” while pampering themselves all day.)

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