A Blue Bath From Mother Earth

A Blue Bath From Mother Earth

It's story time... Years ago, my mother would hand-make these fizzy bath bombs that I loved. After moving out to California, I missed them dearly and one night I asked for the recipe to try to make one myself. Much to my surprise, I had been soaking in several chemicals, synthetic dyes & mystery fragrances. With this discovery as my catalyst, I researched deeply all of the ingredients in mainstream bath products. My jaw truly dropped to the floor with what I found. You wouldn't believe what is being marketed to us as safe and even more shocking, what is being marketed as natural! 

Our skin is our largest organ, and although it seems to be a great barrier to the outside world, its extremely porous. More and more research is showing just how chemicals & toxins seep into our bloodstream through the skin - especially when soaking in them. What we put on bodies matters just as much as what we put inside. 

In short, that's why Moon Body Soul was born. There were no completely natural options out there. Believe it or not, Mother Nature's palette is colorful but not electric, and scents like strawberries are truly reserved for fresh strawberries! 

It was challenging to create a recipe without fillers, dyes & preservatives, but I'm here to tell you it can be done. Every ingredient serves a purpose and that purpose is to solely nourish your body & ease your mind.

Today we are focusing on our beloved Blue Moon baths. 

What are the differences?

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