Intention Setting & The Power Of Language

Intention Setting & The Power Of Language

Intention setting is such a powerful practice for manifesting & growth. Recently, on Instagram, I asked for people to share with me their intentions & what they were calling in. As always, I was blown away by the response of strangers willing to share their heart, but I couldn't help but notice the language that people tend to use when it comes to something they want.

Response after response flooded in of "I hope to _____" or "I want to try to ______"... But where is the power in those statements? When we say things like they're in a far off dream in a world that doesn't exist, we subconsciously state to the world that we're not ready or unworthy. 

This trance of unworthiness is universal; but luckily we have the potent tool of language to shift the way we think. In turn, we can change our reality.

When we get super clear about our vision the "how" of it all starts to sort itself out. When we powerfully state to the universe what we are ready for, options materialize where we are willing to look.

Follow these 3 simple manifestation guidelines to get more out of your intention setting practice.

  1. Paint a detailed picture. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing and let your mind become quiet until it dwindles toward empty. Begin to paint a detailed picture of a scene in your mind in which you have all that you desire. It doesn't matter how far off it is or how you will get there, just let the image crystalize itself until it is clear. Lean into the nuances of why you want what you want, and don't worry about rationalizing how you will get there. Meditate on this vision for some time, and then journal it down. Spare no details, add in all the sights, sounds, smells, and feels of being in your new reality.
  2. Use the present tense. As you visualize and write, stay in the present tense. Allow yourself to be with the feeling of what it is that you desire, like it already exists for you. Bask in the emotions and warmth of what your true north and peace feel like. See yourself moving through time and space surrounded in the energy that will benefit your highest good. We attract what it is we ask for and believe we're ready for..
  3. Retrain your brain. Mantra is a practice passed down from the yoga tradition, and translates to mean "a word or phrase repeated to aid in concentration". Mantra acts as a mental shield to unwanted external forces, or a cocoon of personal intention. Choose a Sanskrit mantra, or write your own "I am ______" or other simple "I ______"statement. Repeat it during your meditation in the morning or whenever doubt or fear creeps in. Repeat it until it is absolutely true - retrain the way you think and speak! 

Now, tell us in the comments. What is your intention?!

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Thank you for this incredible guide. This has reached me at the perfect moment in time! So blessed. Thank you!


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