This Year's Moon Lovers' Gift Guide

This Year's Moon Lovers' Gift Guide

We're back again with our 3rd annual Lunar inspired gift guide for the Moon Lover in your life! Check out all of the incredible finds below. All of the featured gifts are either made by dear friends of mine & / or my favorite artists ❥

Organic Handmade Lunar Clothing by Wild Harvest Studio

From Jessica's own about page - Wild Harvest Studio is the story of one woman's friendship with the Earth and all the beautiful creatures that share it. From Indigo plants to honey bees, all pieces are a celebration of the Earth's bounty and a dedication to honor all the intricate diversity within our ecosystem. Each piece is small batch, handmade and one of a kind, crafted amongst the trees on an organic farm in the Hudson Valley. I personally own several pieces & cherish each one. Usually you can see me wearing them to my New Moon circles as they are so sacred to me.

Shop her line here.

Many Moons 2019 Planner by Modern Women

Similar to the Many Moons Workbooks, the author and editor, Sarah Faith Gottesdiener, is joined by a wonderfully diverse collective of experienced practitioners of various modalities. They have commissioned 13 different witches, Tarot readers, astrologers, and herbalists to write an exclusive piece on how to harness the energy of each Full Moon.

Each Full Moon comes with a custom spell, Tarot pull, ritual, or journaling exercise. The contributors are: Jessyka Winston of Haus of Hoodoo, Elise of La Mystica Tarot, Brandie of Magic Hour Astrology, Asali Earthwork, Dori Midnight, Rebekah Erev, Alejandra of Lioness Oracle, Lise Gomez of Sacred Knots, Paulette of Bad Mamma Jamma, Naimonu James, Rashunda Tremble of Stay Woke, Milla Prince of Fireweed and Nettle, and Alexis J. Cunningfolk.

I am so excited to work with my own copy all year! They are sold out on the Modern Women website, but you can still snag one from Other Wild here.

Celestial Handmade Jewelry by Bohindie Stream

Bohindie Stream was founded by sweet Bri, who created this line wile she was still in college as she wanted to wear unique whimsical jewelry and wasn't having luck finding any handcrafted that were sourced ethically as well. she hand makes all of her pieces with unique designs, and several of them feature Moons. I am currently crushing on these Lunatic earrings with opals! Shop them here & follow Bohindie Stream on Instagram for daily photos of her gorgeous line.

Hand Painted Moons & Prints by Kate Jerry

Canadian based Katelyn Morse has been painting Moons since 2014. I first found her via Instagram a couple years ago and have been obsessed with her work ever since (& her cute little cats & plants she shares). Not only is she inspired by the Moon, but her work also includes gorgeous nature pieces like mountain scenes, plants & flowers.

Her hope is that her work will inspire your thoughts to become soft & remind you to connect with your beautiful, delicate Earth. Kate's Moon prints can be purchased on her Etsy store Birch Bliss here. She also sells original paintings via her website here and is available for custom orders as well.

Celestial Ceramics by Allison Fretheim Ceramics

Iowa City based artist, Allison Fretheim has been creating unique ceramic pieces for the past 6 years. Her passion is creating celestial & spiritual designs, and working directly with the Earth, transforming it into something tangible for someone to hold & use in their sacred space. Each piece is thrown with a low-fire cream earthenware, decorated with slip inlay or sgraffito on black slip, clear glazed and finished with gold accents. 

I personally love this little moon dish for my palo santo. You can purchase her incredible pieces via her Etsy shop here (updated monthly) & find more info via her website here. She is also launching a new physical store in downtown Iowa City early next year called Heim, where she will have her work, handpicked crystals & more magical things! 

Natural Moon Fragrances by Claggie

You may recognize Claggie from past Moon Lovers Gift Guides where we featured her Moon paintings. She's back this year with all natural fragrances. Each roller includes carefully thought out blends of essential oils in fractionated coconut oil. These include: No 1. made with Cedar-wood, Vetiver, Vanilla & Black Pepper | No 2. made with Sandalwood, Rose, Palo Santo, Lemon & Sage (my personal favorite!) | No 3. made with Vetiver, Myrrh, Sage & Lavender. She also has beautiful tote bags with her original Full Moon art, postcards, prints & original paintings. You can find her work at pop up shops in LA or purchase via her website here.

Lunar Candles by Lucin Candle Studio

This past year I met & became friends with Cin, of Lucin Candle Studios. She has created an incredible smelling set of Lunar candles, with formulated natural scents for both the Full & New Moon. 

I absolutely love both of these blends as they help me ground down, & all of her candles are made with cotton wicks & coconut wax. You can find the set on her website here along with other amazing candles made with intention.

Gigantic Moon Art by Havoc Hendricks

This is a complete dream gift for me. I have been following artist Havoc Hendricks on Instagram for many many Moons & became obsessed with his gigantic Moon paintings (we're talking like 4 ft!). I dream of hanging one over my bed one day. He says he is inspired by minimalism, both as a way of life & aesthetically. Check out his work here & his Instagram here.

All Natural Moon Inspired Products by Moon Body Soul

Of course I have to wrap up this guide with our own Moon inspired creations! All of our products are handmade 100% natural. We suggest gifting a Bath in a Box gift set for the ultimate bathing experience, including our Moon Dust, Half Moon Konjac Sponge, Scrub sample set & natural unscented soy candles.

Palo Santo from Peru hand-stamped by Moon Body Soul

Our Sacred Smudge sets feature Palo Santo bundles from Peru, and they make the perfect little addition to any gift! It is also known as Holy Wood and has been used for centuries to remove negative energy, disinfect the air, relax the mind & body, and even helps to drive away mosquitos and insects. It also smells incredible & I love burning it during meditation. Palo Santo wood is 100% natural, no trees or forest are harmed to gather these fallen sticks. Each stick measures ~4 inches & your batch will include hand stamped Moon phases. You can also include an imitation eagle feather to help direct the smoke & fan the flame. Shop here.

2019 Lunar Calendar by Moon Body Soul

Know exactly what Moon phase & astrology Sun sign we are in with our 2019 Lunar Calendar. Watch the phases as she waxes and wanes every day in a beautiful spiral. Includes an astrological key across the bottom. This poster measures 13 X 24 inches and is printed on high quality matte paper. Available for preorder here.


We hope you loved this year's Moon Lover's Gift Guide! Please let us know your favorites in the comments or share another Moon inspired maker that you adore! 

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