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Ultimate Self-Care While Traveling Guide // Guest Post

Ultimate Self-Care While Traveling Guide // Guest Post

Today on the blog we have a guest writer Alice Zarka. She is a traveling yogi & co-owner of Roaming Yogi Adventures, a yoga retreat & adventure company helping people cross off destinations & adventures on their bucket lists while practicing yoga & taking care of their bodies! She has personally traveled to 20+ countries & 30+ states. Not only is she my best friend, but I am not sure I have met someone else who prioritizes travel & self-care the way she does!  

Traveling this summer? Remember these self-care guidelines below to stay nourished from the inside out. 

Travel is one of the most rewarding parts of life. I learn so much about myself experiencing the way other cultures live and thrive in new environments that require full presence to take it all in, but the excitement of travel can make self-care one of the first things people lose track of. Just like with anything, where your attention goes; energy flows. Prioritize the basics of self-care from before you pack your bags to scheduling check-ins throughout your travels to keep your health in tact, your energy high and your spirit aligned.

Pack Smart. It’s extremely difficult to enjoy your holiday without having the essentials of nourishment figured out. Most people consider their health and beauty routines when planning for travel but you should also include a few items to prioritize your emotional wellbeing. Pack a small self-care bag with all of your go-tos - essential oils, a journal, skin care, a reusable water bottle, probiotics, vitamins, your favorite crystal, a massage tool, pain balm, an emergency snack, etc. You’ll be able to take it easy knowing you have a solution handy no matter what comes up, which adds value to every moment on your trip. 

Back To Basics. Travel can really take it out of our physical bodies, and it is so important to take care of your vessel when it is thrown out of its comfort zone. Our bodies are communicating to us every single moment in the way we feel. Each morning as a standard practice and whenever you feel even slightly off, pause and ask yourself “what is asking for attention right now?” and take as long as you need to take care of #1. Although it may seem like you need to soak up every minute in this new place, prioritize getting plenty of sleep, drink way more water than you think you need, eat nourishing foods, breathe, move your body, and take care of your skin

Energetic Upkeep. Travel is an emotional thing because it gives us space to feel everything intensely. You’re meeting new people and trying new things, and overall just in a lot of energy that is not your own. While it can be so easy to jump from one experience to the next, it is worth it to take the time to digest as you go. Here’s my most tried and true ways to stay centered.

    1. Sit in quiet gratitude each morning for 5 minutes. Thank the universe for the experiences you are having, and welcome with an open heart whatever is in store for you that day.
    2. Carry a crystal with you that helps you find your calm center in intense situations. Let it be a reminder that you have the ability to choose your response no matter what life throws.
    3. Journal at the end of the day to reflect on your experiences - what brought you immense joy and any triggers that you had throughout the day - with the intention of processing and staying light in your energy.
Treat Yourself. Sure it sounds cliche, but showing yourself that you are worth the investment of something nice that you desire is one of the highest forms of self respect, so I say do it. Especially on holiday. Get a pedicure, buy yourself a nice meal, splurge on a handmade dress, book the expensive tour you’re dying to do, indulge more than you normally might. You didn’t get all the way on this trip of your dreams to not enjoy it fully.
Slow Down. I am definitely one of the more adventurous travelers I know, and I have a hard time pumping the breaks when I’m somewhere exciting. There’s always so much to do, see, eat and experience, but after many exhausting trips that I’ve simply jam packed too much into, I’ve learned that you really don’t have to do it all to have a good time. Tune into your own energy and don’t be afraid to miss out on something to take care of yourself when you need to. Know what activities are non-negotiable for you and plan your schedule around them. Whether it’s an hour or a whole day, take some downtime where you do nothing but relax and recharge. No judgments about how you’re spending your time, no fomo. Or rather- feel the fomo, but choose your highest good anyway. ;)

And lastly, remember, self-care is intuitive. If you are checking in with yourself daily, you will know what you need.


Follow Alice's journey on instagram here & Roaming Yogi Adventures website here!

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