What It Means When You Break A Crystal & What To Do With It

What It Means When You Break A Crystal & What To Do With It

It’s okay… it happens to the best of us. It is not the end of the world if you break a crystal. Depending on the break, you can even still use the stone, and we’ve got some ideas for how below.

Energetic Meaning Of Breaking A Crystal

Don’t worry, you’re not cursed! Energetically, we have two schools of thought on what it means when you break a crystal, and they are by no means mutually exclusive.

The first is that if a stone breaks or you lose it, you simply do not need the energy of that stone prevalent in your life anymore. It’s a sign that you have worked through a phase of your life’s journey. The stone, which has represented that aspect of your journey is following the natural cycle of life ~ birth, life, death ~ and eventually rebirth.

The second way we like to look at the symbolism of a broken stone is to seek a deeper message and meaning. Is it possible you overcharged your crystal? Revisit how you’ve used it and what power you have given it in your life. Is the intention you set for the stone authentic and in alignment with your highest good?

Don’t fret over it too much, but if you do break a stone, sit with it for a moment energetically and see what comes up for you.

What To Do With A Broken Crystal

If it’s a clean break or a large crystal, you may have some chunks that are still totally “useable”. In this case, cleanse the useable pieces right away of any negative energy absorbed in the break by burning Palo santo or another air purifying herb. Meditate with the stone in its new form and decide if it holds the same meaning for you or something different now.

The good news is you had one crystal and now you have two or more! You can give a piece away as a gift if the piece is still displayable on its own, or give pieces back to the earth by burying them in a garden or use it as decor in a potted plant. Gypsum stones (selenite, for example) is even a natural fertilizer!

Whatever you decide, infuse the broken crystal situation with ceremonial energy. Thank it for its presence in your life, and allow closure so as to not carry the broken energy forward.

Check out our post on caring for crystals, and please leave a comment if you have any other ideas for how to utilize broken stones! 

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Forgot I had my rutilated quartz in my bra, dropped it as I was getting into the shower and it snapped clean in 2. Im devastated as it was a birthday gift and I’ve only had it for 2 months, but I feel better now. Will cleanse it with sage and meditate over it Thanks for this post!


Beautiful messages. My wife broke her clear quartz pendant and was horrified. Your article truly helped. Thank you

Patrick Grantz

I have been playing with two clear quartz points the last 3 months ever since we have been in a covid lockdown.
In the span of the last 24 hours bot crystals fell off my hand on the tiles and broke in 2 and 3 peaces respectively.
I really loved both of them and feel sad but sounds like I need to let them go?


I had my black tourmaline stone at work
And from my pocket falls to the floor
And it broke, a clean break in two
I felt sad
But I still feel the same energy
I will cleanse it because I have not done that
Thank you
Love and healing
to everyone


This happened today when I was cleanse in my stones I have Black tourmaline crystals! Burning my stick i ran it across my Dog to release of negative energy from EMF radiation! Then held in my hand to form pieces of chipped crystals. Put in my flower planters! 🤗🙀🙏🏽💃🏾

Angela Terrell

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