Why We Love The Konjac Root For Skincare

Why We Love The Konjac Root For Skincare

Konjac is an plant grown in the tropical to subtropical regions of East Asia, and its root has had integral value in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 1,500 years. Although it has many uses, today we're talking about why we love Konjac for skincare.

We'll dive into what the Konjac root is, its many skincare benefits, and how to best use and care for your Konjac sponge. If you haven't tried this gentle little powerhouse yet, prepare to up-level your skincare game in a major way. And if you're already obsessed like we are... the more you know the better, right?

What Is A Konjac Sponge?

The Konjac plant contains a starchy root that is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, and E, proteins, lipids, and fatty acids, as well as minerals zinc, magnesium, and iron. Basically, an all-natural powerhouse. 

The sponge itself is made by adding water to Konjac root powder, which thickens it into a paste. The paste is then mixed with a natural calcium hydroxide power to make it alkaline. After that it is heated, frozen and dried. The result? A versatile, vegan, eco-friendly, natural sponge that you can use for up to 6 weeks! Our Half Moon Konjac Sponges are even infused with Bamboo Charcoal to reduce inflammation and tighten pores.

Konjac Sponge and Skin Benefits

1. It's a powerful, natural exfoliant. The composition of the Konjac root creates a natural cleanser that removes dirt, oil, makeup and anything else that has penetrated the skin. It gently unclogs pores, and personally, it's the only thing that has consistently controlled my blackheads without drying out my skin. It can be used by itself, or with your favorite cleanser.

2. It is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. The fibers of the Konjac root absorb water easily, which gives the sponge a fine texture and means the fibers do not directly touch the skin no matter how hard you rub. The Japanese originally used Konjac root on babies as it was the only thing soft enough, and my nanna even uses the Konjac sponge religiously on her super delicate skin!

3. Promotes hydration and elasticity. The Konjac root is about 40% glucomannan, a natural moisturizer that mirrors the hyaluronic acid in young skin.  When Konjac is applied to the skin, it penetrates the first layer of epidermis and brings hydration to the surface. This can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and the effects of aging on the skin, replenishing its natural lifting collagen. 

4. It balances skin pH. The sponge is naturally alkaline, which balances out the acidity of our skin, making it a less appealing breading ground for harmful bacteria. 

How To Use The Konjac Sponge

Before using for the first time, let your Konjac sponge soak in warm water for up to 5 minutes so it can soften and expand to almost double in size. 

Starting at the center of your face, gently massage small circular motions outward and upward (the direction we would all like our skin to go! 😂) 

You can use by itself (I do), or with your favorite natural cleanser.

Caring For Your Konjac Sponge

After use, rinse with clean water, and with clean hands, squeeze between the palms to remove excess water. Ideally it should dry completely between uses. 

Just hang it to dry in a well-ventilated area (not in a humid shower) and avoid hanging it in direct sunlight. You can also put it in a small sealed container and place it in the refrigerator. 

As long as you're taking care of it, you can use a Konjac sponge for up to 6 weeks before replacing it. They're also biodegradable, so you can safely compost your old Konjac sponge with your fruits and veggies.


Have you tried the Half Moon Konjac Sponge? Let us know how it has changed your skin! 

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