How To Get Attuned To The Moon

How To Get Attuned To The Moon

Have you ever caught yourself staring up at the clear night sky, lost in the constellations of stars and the wonder of Mama Moon and thought "what's beyond me?"

Orbiting Earth, the Moon acts as our planet's natural satellite; and just as it affects the tides of the ocean, so too does it govern human emotions. It takes 29.5 days to complete one full cycle, almost the same as our calendar month. 

Getting attuned to the Moon is like creating a personal road map to control and optimize energy (yes, your actual energy- like what you use to get all of your shit done!)

The Moon & Human Emotions

Everything around us, from people and lifestyle choices to subtleties in nature, have an effect on the sensations within us; and the Moon, Sun, stars and planets are no different. Many ancient civilizations observed the activity of the night sky and created sophisticated tracking systems to better understand its cycles and effects on human behavior. From this, we have the fields of astronomy and astrology, as well as the 365 day calendar. 

Since the dawn of time, women have had a profound connection to the Moon, as Her phases offered insight into one's personal cycle. As such, it is said that the Moon represents the divine feminine, and just as she has Her phases, it is in a woman's nature to experience emotional fluctuations with the cosmos. 

The natural time of menstruation is in correlation with the New Moon, and before the advent of birth control, virtually all women menstruated together. The New Moon was considered a sacred time that lifted the veil between the conscious and  subconscious and enhanced a woman's spiritual powers and access to intuition. 

Photo by @MatthewSpaceman

Photo by @MatthewSpaceman 

The Moon Phases

The New Moon is the symbol of new beginnings. It is a time to retreat inward, rest and avoid intense activity. It is a time to embrace being alone, soak in one's own energy to reset and recalibrate. This is a time when we are unable to see it in our sky, but don't worry, she's still up there, just traveling with the Sun.

The Waxing Moon begins to illuminate the sky and we are called to take action on our goals and ambitions that have stemmed from the quiet and clarity of the New Moon. As the Moon becomes more full, we are invited to refine and dwell in the details.

The Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth. They are also in opposite constellations, which can cause friction and tension. If you've ever heard or felt emotions running high during a Full Moon, this is the short explanation of why. In nature, conflicting energy results in the creation of something new. I like to use this time to revisit & refine my intentions, as well as connect with others in social settings, as this time of the month supports it energetically. 

The Waning Moon represents clarity arising from the tension of the Full Moon. Energetically, we feel called to celebrate our hard work with those closest to us. Themes of gratitude and abundance are present.

The Dark Moon we begin the journey inward, as she reaches a thin waning crescent, until we meet in the silence of the New Moon once again. This has been said to be a great time to work with dreams & sleep. 


Create Rituals 

The best way to harness her power is to create rituals around Her phases. Make it a point to go outside and Moon gaze in each of Her phases and journal when She changes signs.

Allow yourself to stay in & care for yourself as She retreats & as She grows, extend your extra energy to your loved ones. (Read about our Full Moon bath ritual on our blog here.) 

Use the New Moon or Full Moon to gather with other women to set intentions & celebrate each other. (Learn how to host your own New Moon Circle by reading our  blog here.) 

With consistency, we begin to develop sensitivity to subtle energy shifts, and can control and harness our energy based on the frequency around us.

The Moon & Astrology 

Another way to harness Her energy is to observe one's own physical and emotional wellbeing in relation to the Moon's journey through the constellations. Just like the Sun changes zodiac signs every 31 days, the Moon spends just 2.5 days in each sign, & spends some time out of a sign (called Void of Course). 

If you're thirsty for more knowledge, I suggest The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need for an easy to digest overview on each sign and their energetic flavorings, this website to get a copy of your free chart, or Time Passages app for a personalized download of your own chart and the positioning of the sky each day.   

2019 Lunar Calendar & Tracking Your Own Cycle

Of course the best way to track your journey with the Moon is with a beautiful calendar you will see every day. I am so excited to announce our 2019 Moon Phase Wall Calendar  is finally available. Watch her in all phases as She waxes and wanes, and know when the astrological seasons shift with symbols denoting the day the Sun enters a new constellation, with a beautiful astrological key at the bottom. 

A customer gave us an awesome idea, use a marker to fill in the days of your own cycle to track as it changes throughout the year. 

We will also be using the Many Moons 2019 planner to keep our Lunar studies top of mind + Soul! (Modern Women, the maker, has sold out but it is currently available at some retailers listed at the bottom of the page.) 

Do you have your own Moon Rituals that you practice or would  you like any additional information on the info above? Please share & let us know in the comments! 

**Featured image artist is unknown, please let us know if you know so we can credit!

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