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Balancing Your Chakras With Sacred Stones

Balancing Your Chakras With Sacred Stones

I have been fascinated with the Chakra system ever since learning about it when I started my yoga journey 10 years ago. Since then I have also deep dived into all things crystals & minerals & I love connecting the two.

It’s an exciting day for Moon Body Soul, as we are launching a brand new product - our Chakra Balancing Stone Set! Each set comes with 7 stones, hand selected to call in specific energies to balance your 7 Chakras. Below you will find a little intro into the Chakra System & find out why I chose each stone.

Introduction To Chakras

In ancient Indian philosophy, Chakras are sacred energy centers in the body, or our “wheels of life” as Anodea Judith refers to them in her book. There are 7 main Chakras that run the length of the spine, from the tailbone to the space 2 inches above the crown of the head.

Each wheel or energy center represents a part of us, and through their study and application, the chakras offer a dynamic and systematic approach to physical and emotional health, and spiritual growth.

Visualize 7 wheels along your spine, constantly spinning, interacting with each other; as one switches directions or picks up speed, another is necessarily impacted. Life is like this, many things at play at once, always a work in progress. To keep our energy centers and areas of life in balance takes continuous effort and finding techniques that work for you.

One of our favorite ways to balance the chakras is incorporating crystals into meditation, as they are a powerful tool gifted from Mother Earth to evoke specific energies.

Let’s dive in.

The 7 Main Chakras

Root {Muladhara}

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and is associated with all earthly things such as our body, health and survival; matter in its densest form. Our bodies respond to the force of earth’s gravitational pull to keep us rooted here physically, and the health of this chakra is associated with one’s ability to be self sufficient.

To call this energy center into balance, we have selected Midnight Lace Obsidian, a mineral made of volcanic glass from the depth of the earth.

Sacral {Svadhisthana}

As the name suggests, the sacral chakra is connected to our womb, sex organs and fluidity in body, mind, and action. To focus on the sacral area is to pay attention to and nurture our own emotions while discerning them from others’ emotions, and to understand what brings us joy and pleasure. As the womb center, svadhisthana is the powerful source of creation and movement. The health of this chakra lies in our ability to know and access our personal flow state.

To work with this maternal energy, our set features Red Jasper, the stone of passion, known in Native American culture as blood of the Earth.

Solar Plexus {Manipura}

Our solar plexus, located at the gut center of the body, is responsible for our sense of inner strength and personal will. It’s our inner fire. Manipura is strengthened through self-imposed disciplines, which in turn gives us a realistic understanding of our skills, talents and limitations. A healthy manipura inspires integrity and confidence. When we are strong at our core, we are able to respond to whatever life brings without getting tossed off center.

To harness the energy of manipura, we have selected Tiger’s Eye, a stone known to bring out your brave, courageous, authentic self.

Heart {Anahata}

The center of life itself, the heart is our connection to unconditional love, compassion and empathy for all beings. The heart is represented by the element of air and specifically its ability to expand and disperse evenly throughout whatever space it occupies. Your heart is the bridge between the earthly lower chakras and the ethereal upper chakras and its health gives us the means to transcend the ego and open our boundaries for love.

The heart is called into balance in our set with Rose Quartz, a stone of collaborative, feminine energy reminding you of your endless capacity to love.

Throat {Vishuddhi}

As you may assume, the throat is the space in charge of our communication, or how we  express outwardly what we are experiencing internally, as well as understanding information from the outside world. Finding balance in this chakra asks us to be impeccable with our word, and confident in the value of what we have to offer and say.

Nurture your most authentic and balanced state with Blue Onyx, a stone for connection.

Third Eye {Ajna}

Ajna is our third, non-human, all-seeing eye that helps us to perceive life with clarity and self awareness. When working with the third eye, we transcend our normal abilities to see, bringing added insight to situations and heightened access to intuition to read between the lines.

Bathe your third eye in the sparkle of Rainbow Moonstone, a divinely feminine and spiritual to connect you to all that is.

Crown {Sahasrara}

In contrast to the root, which is matter in its densest form, the crown chakra is the mind and mental awareness, or pure unmanifest consciousness. The crown is said to be the seat of the soul, and when activated, gives access to the limitless, dimensionless, timeless qualities of the universe.

Expand your perspective by gazing into Clear Quartz, the master healing stone from Mother Earth.

Balancing Your Chakras With Sacred Stones

When working with stones to balance your chakras, you can either place them on your body in alignment with the chakras, or hold one in your hand as you meditate (each are a perfect thumbprint, known as a “worry stone”) to feel their energy.

Keep in mind there are many stones you can use to balance each chakra, and it is a matter of personal preference and the intention and meaning you infuse into your use. We’ve selected powerful stones with qualities that work in tandem with each other to bring you harmony in mind body and spirit. And of course ones that are water-approved, so they can go in the bath with you!

If selecting your own stones for chakra healing, you can go roughly by color and what you are drawn to. Darker stones are going to be more oriented toward the lower, more earthly chakras, and lighter colors like blues, purples, and quartz hold more meaning to the upper chakras. Likewise, dense stones are more grounding, and lightweight stones are expansive.

Remember, our chakras are constantly spinning and the dynamic between them ever-changing, so it’s a great idea to have a go-to stone for each chakra so you can incorporate intuitive chakra balancing into your regular spiritual practice.

Our Chakra Stone Sets are available for pre-order and come with informational cards, 7 affirmations, and a carrying bag.