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Chakra Stone Set - perfectly imperfect

Chakra Stone Set - perfectly imperfect

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A well thought out set of 7 stones to activate, cleanse & balance your 7 energy centers! 

Dating all the way back to ancient yoga texts, the Vedas, Chakra translates to the word "wheel" (ancient sanskrit spelling is actually cakra). The 7 major Chakras, or energy wheels, are located near the seven major nerve ganglia that emanate from the spinal column. Each wheel or energy center represents a part of us, and through their study and application, the Chakras offer a dynamic and systematic approach to physical and emotional health, and spiritual growth. To read more about the Chakra system, check out our Chakra Balancing article here

Root - Midnight Lace Obsidian 

Sacral - Red Jasper 

Solar Plexus - Tiger's Eye

Heart - Rose Quartz

Throat - Lapis Lazuli 

Third Eye - Rainbow Moonstone

Crown - Clear Quartz

Each one of these stones can be placed on the chakra itself, held in your hand, pocket, purse, etc, or used as a worry stone as they each have a perfect imprint for your thumb. Sets come complete with a carrying bag, hand stamped with ancient chakra symbols & little cards with affirmations for each stone, information about the stone & the chakra it is associated with.  All sets were hand picked to be together & the photos are examples of what each stone will look like, however there are natural slight variations to each stone making each set completely unique!  All of the stones were purchased from a lapidary in India.

*Please note, this new set now has Lapis Lazuli for the throat chakra! 

* this is for a perfectly imperfect discounted set - these sets still include all 7 stones however some may be slightly different sizes or did not meet our quality standards for the original sets. (Usually just a couple of stones in the set are affected) They are still beautiful sets to work with in connecting to your chakra system! 

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