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Avocado Silk Slip - Preorder

Avocado Silk Slip - Preorder

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 I am so excited to introduce to you our new line of plant dyed silks. Each one is dyed by hand with either my family's organic food scraps (avocado pits!) or local plants.

This silk slip dress was dyed with Avocado pits. Some believe the energy of the plant matter is infused into the silk.  Spiritually avocados are though thought to represent love, fertility, prosperity, and health. The ancient Aztec culture believed they were a symbol of love and believed them to be an aphrodisiac. This color does feel very romanic to me! (also avocados make every dish more delish!)  This design is Shibori - a Japanese dyeing technique that typically involves folding, twisting or bunching cloth and binding it, then dyeing. Traditionally indigo was used for this technique. 

The details and care: The 100% silk known as Charmeuse Silk, from the French word for female charmer, is a lightweight fabric woven with a satin weave, in which the warp threads cross over four or more of the backing threads. These float threads give the front of the fabric a smooth, shiny finish, whereas the back has a dull finish. I personally washed + pretreated each one carefully to make sure it is colorfast in cold water. I suggest gentle cycle with cold water and with a pH neutral soap for the longevity of the color and silk. It can also be steamed or ironed on the lowest setting, or a silk setting, inside out is best.

Sizing: Please refer to the size chart photograph. I will get a photo wearing this one soon!  Don't see your size? Please reach out via the chat feature. My current supplier is limited in their offerings but I am happy to help you find a similar slip we can dye for you. 

Color / Design: This is completely natural color each dye bath may have slight variations. Actual color may vary from the images and video shown. I tried my best to capture but every monitor or mobile display has a different capability to display colors! With this design I will try to recreate with preorder but there will be variations as each one is one-of-a-kind!

Made to order: Each slip will be made to order, because of this there will be no returns or exchanges. Please double check the size chart! NATURAL DYE PREORDER ITEM PHOTOS ARE AN EXAMPLE OF THE SLIP YOU WILL RECEIVE. IT WILL SHIP IN 2-3 WEEKS AS EACH ONE IS MADE TO ORDER!  IF YOU HAVE OTHER ITEMS IN YOUR ORDER WE WILL WAIT TO SHIP IT IN ITS ENTIRETY. THANK YOU!

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