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Calcite Crystals Clay Matrix

Calcite Crystals Clay Matrix

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This mesmerizing cluster features multiple Calcite crystals arranged in a striking cluster formation.The are nestled on a natural clay matrix, which is also adorned with tiny, sparkling crystals that add a subtle yet magical shimmer to the piece. The natural clay matrix provides a perfect grounding base for the delicate Calcite crystals, highlighting their vibrant hues and unique formations.

Calcite is calcium carbonate mineral and one of the most varied crystals with a wide variety of forms / colors on the planet, they are found on every continent. It is said that regardless of the type of calcite, this mineral carries with it very gentle energy. Crystal healers say it helps to remove blockages, helping one move beyond their patterns. It is also said calcite is connected to the fire element, assisting in moving energy through the chakras (energy centers in the body) and the meridians. This particular piece displays grounding earthy tones.

This special piece weighs 11.5 oz and measures about 4 x 3 x 2 inches. Filled with rainbows and sparkles in the sun! 

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