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California Garnet

California Garnet

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Garnet is known as a silicate mineral and can from in several different classifications. This one specifically is almandine garnet. Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD), Roman historian & naturalist, mentioned the mineral alabandicus was found in Asia Minor around the city of Alabanda (from which the word 'almandine' is derived) which is present day Turkey. Garnet in general is known to be a grounding stone with its earthy dark red color. Almandine garnet is thought to aid one in manifesting in the material world. It is also thought to be a great stone for love & relationship as well as fertility & sexuality. 

These garnets were hand mined in California in the San Bernadino Mountains by a local mining claim. They have not been cut nor polished, completely natural as found. You will receive one from the photo until they are gone! 

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