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Neutral Yin Yang Ceremonial Mediation Rug - preorder

Neutral Yin Yang Ceremonial Mediation Rug - preorder

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Sit in ceremony on this plush and padded rug. The ancient Yin Yang symbol was created as early as 600 BCE in China . It reminds us how obviously opposite energies may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent. Without the light there is no dark, without the dark there is no light. It embodies the harmony of the seemingly chaotic universe. 

Made of recycled 100% eco cotton it is super soft and has an extra rug pad attached and is non slip. Measures 2ft x 2ft, the perfect size for sitting cross legged. It was carefully tufted by yours truly, using the highest quality of materials to last for years. Meant to be used in ceremony, not meant for a high traffic area. Think of caring for it the same way you would a large area rug - Spot clean with a gentle detergent, dab / blotting instead of rubbing, use a rug shampoo machine if needed! 

This new color way is perfect for your home is you love neutrals!


PREORDER / MADE TO ORDER This is a preorder item I will be making on demand for you! Please allow 2-3 weeks for me to restock supplies and make this rug from start to finish! IF YOU WANT TO DO ANY CUSTOM CHANGES PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA THE CHAT BOX :) we can do any color or changes to your rug. 

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