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Clear Quartz Sphere (small & extra small)

Clear Quartz Sphere (small & extra small)

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Clear Quartz is known as the" Master Healer" of the crystal healing minerals. It is said to amplify all energy & emotions (even other crystals) and is thought to encourage clarity on all levels & stimulates all chakras (energy pathways) to open in the body. Clear Quartz is also said to be the most programable crystal, making it great for use with intention setting & manifesting.

A sphere shape is said to emit energy in all directions. Can be used for crystal ball gazing & perfect size for holding in your palm during meditation & taking with you on the go. While quartz is a very strong mineral, please wrap in something soft to protect it from other sharp objects. 

These gorgeous Clear Quartz Crystal Ball is from the earth in Brazil where they were cut & polished into a perfect sphere.  They are all very high quality but can feature natural variations like wispy inclusions, and many rainbows in the sunshine. There are two size to choose from, see 2nd photo for a photo of small and extra small together, size can vary but they are about .75 - 1 inch in size. 

**Quartz Crystal Balls should not be left in windows as they can become a fire hazard! 

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