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Colombian Lemurian A

Colombian Lemurian A

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Clear Quartz is known as the" Master Healer" of the crystal healing minerals. It is said to amplify all energy & emotions (even other crystals) and is thought to encourage clarity on all levels & stimulates all chakras (energy pathways) to open in the body. Clear Quartz is also said to be the most programable crystal, making it great for use with intention setting.  

This piece is also known as a Lemurian, with groves and ridges around it. It is believed to have lemurian crystal energy, incredible clarity & believed to be connected to the ancient / mythical lemurian culture. 

It is from Columbia, directly from the earth - no polishing or cutting. Very high quality, it is water clear with subtle groves on all sides. Its incredible clarity made it very hard to photograph! This cluster measures about 4 x 2 x 2 inches. It has so many rainbows and even a baby tiny crystal trying to grow on the face of larger crystal. 

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