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Crystals Rug Sphere Holder - Pink

Crystals Rug Sphere Holder - Pink

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Give your favorite sphere the most cozy home! Handcrafted by yours truly, these crystal rugs are truly the most unique way to display your favorite sphere, keeping it from falling off a stand or rolling away.

This pink option is made from ethically sourced New Zealand 100% wool - (sheep must be sheared annually for their own health and welfare) It can hold virtually any size sphere (biggest I have tried is 6 inches in diameter). This one features 5 petals and measures about 8 inches in diameter.

It is light pink in color but know that it can appear brighter / darker depending on lighting and your display on your screen, I tried to capture it in both natural and ambient light. 

**if this option sells out, stay tuned, I will open a small amount of preorders

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