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Elestial Smoky Citrine

Elestial Smoky Citrine

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Smokey Quartz is a from of Quartz, Silicon Dioxide, and owes its color to gamma irradiation and the presence of traces of aluminum present in the earth. Energetically, it is said to be one of the most grounding & clearing stones available, both purifying & protecting. It is associated with the Root chakra (energy center). I like to think of it as a nervous system reset.  Energy healers believe it to be great for anxiety & calming nerves. It can fade over long periods of time in direct sunlight. 

Elestial is a name given to this specific natural formation with layers of points growing up the crystal. Energetically it is said to be connected to angelic realms, thought to help one connect to beings of higher consciousness. Regardless of this energetic belief - this is a beautiful natural formation that shines and reveals all of the points when the light hits it. 

This crystal was mined in Brazil. It is completely natural, was not polished or cut in any way. It weighs 5.6oz and measures about 3 inches at its longest. This one also has citrine in the base of the crystal! It glows a gorgeous bright golden color. Rare to have this combination with elestial growths.  

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