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Organic Flower Pillar Candle

Organic Flower Pillar Candle

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This beautiful candle is made of 100% natural & sustainable beeswax They are made with so much love and care by a local maker in the Santa Cruz Mountains. They are perfect for your home to add a touch of natural beauty and to clean the air - when burned they produce negative ions! Beeswax also burns longer than most candles because of its density and it creates the brightest most warm-toned flame, similar to the light spectrum the sun produces!  There are no chemicals involved in the process at all and it also has a wonderful smell naturally, without anything added! 

They measure 5 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide and the burn time is approx. 20 Hours when you keep the wick trimmed before burning. Each ons is covered in flowers organically grown in the Santa Cruz mountains! Photos just an example of what you will receive each varies with what flowers are available! 

BEESWAX CANDLE CARE -Never leave your candle burning unattended. Be sure to trim the wick each time before you burn it, a .25 inch wick does best, Candles may be burned free standing on a level and solid heat resistance surface. However, we recommend using a plate under your candle just in case there are any spills. 

Occasionally it is necessary to gently press the edges of the candle towards the center of the candle to ensure that all of the beeswax burns properly. Do this carefully as your candle is burning or immediately after extinguishing it. 

The easy and smoke free way to extinguish pillar candles is to gently push the wick into the wax pool until the candle is extinguished and then pull the wick straight out, using a small heat resistant tool. 

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