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Fluorite Octahedron (single cube)

Fluorite Octahedron (single cube)

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Fluorite is said to be a stone for balancing, particularly said to balance the brain, the creative right brain and the analytical left brain. Rainbow fluorite specifically is said to help with harmonizing the heart with the mind, ensuring your words, thoughts and actions are aligned with the heart, allowing you to manifest in the 3d world what it is your heart desires.  It is also said that if you meditate with fluorite it can bring rich visions & insights. Healers believe it represents the element of wind & is thought to balance all chakras not just one specific energy center in the body. The octahedron shape (8 sides) is associated with air, and is believed to help with cultivating acceptance + compassion

These fluorite octahedrons grew in these perfect 8 sided shapes in the earth in China. They vary slightly in color + clarity- with hues of purple, greens and clear. Photos are examples of what you will receive - we will intuitively pick for you but feel free to leave an order note if you want more green or or more purple and we will do our best with the stock on hand. They are by no means perfect, natural imperfections in their growth and small chips on some. See all photos

This listing is for 1 single cube. Raw fluorite that is unpolished is a softer mineral, it is a 4 on the mohs hardness scale, handle with care and keep dry! Pick S,M,L - see photos for variations in size ranging from about S.25, M .5 and L.75 inches. 

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