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Forest Moon Dust

Forest Moon Dust

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Our newest Forest Moon Dust will transport your bathtub to the middle of the forest floor amongst the healing trees! With pure essential oils of Fir Needle, Pine, Spruce + Hawaiian Sandalwood, they don't just smell incredible they also have many beneficial properties for your body + mood - like the high levels of natural terpenes present including alpha-Pinene, known for its anti-inflammatory properties. These steam distilled essential oils are also great for opening the respiratory tract, helping you to breathe easier. Just like all of our products, it is filled with only nourishing ingredients from mother earth, to soothe your skin & nourish your body + soul. 

One Package is for great for: 1 bath if you feel indulgent,  2 baths for the perfect ratio,  3 baths if you're being frugal...

COMPOSTABLE PACKAGING! For both home + industrial composting facilities, just remove labels first. (hoping to have compostable labels soon!)

Ingredients: Natural & Pure Sodium Bicarbonate, Organic Citric Acid, Magnesium Sulfate U.S.P. (Epsom Salt), Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 100% Pure Organic Vitamin E Oil, 100% Pure Essential Oils Of: Fir Needle, Pine, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Spruce & Love. 

☽*For extra magic, use on the New and Full Moon.

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