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Hydrothermally Etched Scarlet Temple Lemurian (+UV REACTIVE!)

Hydrothermally Etched Scarlet Temple Lemurian (+UV REACTIVE!)

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Hydrothermal etching refers to a process whereby crystals that have been formed and terminated are treated with high temperature solutions that are sometimes acidic. This results in the melting and etching of the crystal's outer layer. Different combinations of temperature, duration of exposure, silica ratios, and acidity levels can produce a range of formations and etchings on the surface of the crystal. Additionally, variations in the thermal resistance of the crystal lattice's bonds can reveal unique geometric forms. This rare process yields a variety of planes, faces, crevices, and dynamic formations on the crystals. In some cases, crystals can be etched and then re-healed or continue to grow later. However, crystals etched in this manner are extremely uncommon as ideal conditions must be met, and the exposure time cannot be too lengthy, or the crystal will liquefy into an unrecognizable shape. 

Scarlet Temple Lemurian is a unique form of Lemurian crystal that is stained pink or red due to the presence of iron and lithium inclusions. Energy healers believe these crystals have the ability to connect with the Heart and Root Chakras, enabling them to provide grounding, calming, soothing, and support for deep healing.

According to ancient legends, the Priestesses of Lemuria utilized these crystals in the Temples to attract the favor of the Goddesses. It is also believed that the Lemurians encoded their profound wisdom and knowledge of life into these special crystals, making them highly revered for their mystical and spiritual properties.

This gorgeous crystal is completely raw from the earth in Brazil and has incredible etchings with other minerals in the etchings as it is UV reactive (see last photo!) It weighs 9.7 oz and measures about 5.5 x 1.75 x 1.5 inches. 

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