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High Quality Kunzite Specimen

High Quality Kunzite Specimen

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Kunzite is a pink form of Spodumene. It is believed to activate the heart chakra & align it with the throat and third eye chakras (energy centers). Said to be a good stone for those who have a hard time expressing their emotions & also promotes maturity in thoughts + actions, all the while allowing one to maintain the openness of a child. 

Kunzite is a trichroic gem, which means it appears to change colors when viewed at different angles. Three colors can be viewed from differing angles: more pink, clear and light violet.   Kunzite is slightly softer than quartz with a 6.5 on the hardness scale, it can also can fade in color if it has too much direct sunlight. This beautiful Kunzite weighs 42 grams and measures about 2 inches in length. 

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