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High Quality Raw Moonstone

High Quality Raw Moonstone

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Moonstone a sodium potassium aluminium silicate of the feldspar group that displays a pearly and opalescent schiller. It has also been called hecatolite. Energy healers believe it is connected to the divine feminine. It's said to be a stone for unlocking your intrinsic psychic knowledge, a calming & caring stone that connects you to all that is. It’s thought to help you access the all knowing mother energy & said to help you materialize the manifestations you see in your minds eye. For centuries it has been used as a stone for fertility & women's health.

This moonstone is from Southern India, where it was ethically mined at a 5th generation owned mine. They were left completely raw, all have a nice flash + great quality, very hard to capture in photos! (flash only happens when direct light hits at the right angle) Would be great size for wire wrapping & jewelry making, carrying with you throughout your day, placing on your third eye for meditation.

Choose from Larger or Smaller.  While sizes vary, Larger measures up to about .5 inch while smaller are about half that size (think good for stud earrings!) Get a discount for buying more than one ◡̈  photos are all examples of what you will receive, each one will be intuitively picked for you, but I assure you they will have a strong flash!

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